The Morning Burglar

Today I did something that ranks in the top three dumbest things I’ve ever done. Being something of a scatterbrain, I do a lot of dumb things. I lose my keys at least three times a week, put toothpaste in the refrigerator, go the wrong way coming out of stores in the mall, can’t find my car in parking lots and garages—things like that. It’s Wednesday … Continue reading The Morning Burglar

its not as glamorous as it looks on tv

House hunting that is. I won’t even go into the massive stressful drama surrounding the last few weeks but here’s where we are now….we have a contract on our house and one on a house that we plan to purchase. The closings switcheroo will go down (hopefully on the same day if we are lucky) in approximately two weeks. The new house will be the same distance south … Continue reading its not as glamorous as it looks on tv

changes, they are a comin’

This chick on House Hunters is looking for a townhouse in Toronto. The one before, the couple was looking for a vacation home in Napa Valley. This show is like crack for me. It sucks me in and won’t let me go. Both of these episodes are reruns but I watch them anyway. House stuff is happening. We’re cleaning, decluttering, purging and packing like wildfire … Continue reading changes, they are a comin’