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September Favorites

1 Oct

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fig newtons

13 Apr

It’s late and I should be in bed but I’m up stress eating fig newtons instead. This does not bode well for my weigh-in tomorrow morning. Whatever. I’ve logged over 8 miles of wogging and 10 miles of biking the past three days so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Current worry: Kiddo got in some trouble today at her after-school program. The   situation has been dealt with but the details of such make me worry in general. She’s a great kid but growing up is hard in general and navigating appropriate friendships, boundaries, physical changes, etc. is around the bend and I can see it coming bright as day. I was much less stressed before I had a child and I won’t pretend to not be envious of those without such specific stresses. And that’s just a fact jack.

So that’s the biggie for tonight. Anyway.

And I just read an article on all the evil ingredients in fig newtons. According to it, I’m going to die in my sleep tonight. Stupid internet.

girls be cray

27 Jul

There is a screaming contest happening on my back patio right now. The neighbors are probably going to call the cops or otherwise stage some sort of intervention. Kiddo had a birthday party at the house earlier today and is now embarking on that rite of passage known as her first slumber party…hosted by yours truly. Two girls, one a cousin and the other her bff from kindergarten. They are good girls but this is rather exhausting. Hubs bailed and went to the movies. I don’t blame him. He also helped a lot too, just to be clear.

The party went well however. We turned on sprinklers and had water balloons (yes, I spent 2 hours filling up 300 balloons) and water squirters.  I don’t know that I won’t resort back to paying to have someone else do everything. It’s just WAY easier. So anyway, y’all pray for me tonight if that’s your thing.

Later…..Well, that post got interrupted due to girly chaos. Ha. But we all survived and I was even rewarded with a nap this afternoon. All’s well that ends well.

Oh, and the new hamster is named “Juliet” and is still alive as of right now. Winning.


that’s amore

29 Mar

puppet show science project

7 Mar

On one of our snow days last week kiddo decided we should make a “science project”. The science project turned into a homemade mini stage and stick puppets. It was a fun day and kid is quite creative. We did a couple of puppet shows after her thorough explanation. Here’s some footage for your viewing pleasure. I love her little voice and the ending.

not exactly what I had in mind

18 Feb

My Facebook status from this morning…

Kiddo scrunches her nose up and says “ewwww” as we smell a skunk on the way to daycamp this morning. Then she says, “Ohhh mommy, I know what you can do for your new job! You can be a polecat catcher!”. New job title…Finn, Certified Polecat Catcher. For all your polecat catching needs…Business cards coming soon.

That kid, always looking out for momma.

Love Mommy

11 Feb

Love Mommy

I really do have the most awesome kid.

I was teary most of yesterday afternoon. I hate crying in front of kiddo because I don’t want her to be worried about anything. But yesterday I couldn’t help it. I just told her that I’d had a bad day. She gave me hugs and patted and stroked my arm like I do to her when she cries. Then she ran to the bathroom for a roll of toilet paper and tore me off some so I could blow my nose. Ha! I kept crying so she ran to the kitchen drawer where we keep the hand towels. Then the kicker…She grabs one, climbs onto the bar stool chair beside me, and proceeds to wipe my tears while looking very concerned. Its all so very precious but is only making the waterworks worse of course.

She finally began to diversify her methods. When she noticed a teary episode was about to start up again, she would cut a little square of paper and write “Love Mommy” on it and then hand them to me like some sort of magical love comfort currency. As you can see, I earned four of them, all within about 30 minutes. And if you think I’m not keeping those little scraps of paper forever, then you’re a crazy person.

♥ Love Mommy ♥

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