8/3/14 early morning snippets

It is no wonder hamsters sleep all day and only live a couple of years...they run ALL NIGHT in that swirly wheel thing...they have to be exhausted. School supply shopping at the almost last minute and on tax-free weekend? I don't recommend it. I really need to be more organized. But its just not me.... Continue Reading →

week in review

Lunch with coworkers. Yum. Tried a new to me coffee shop, in which I had hot chocolate because I don't do coffee. Also yum. I have decided to make said coffee shop my new hangout. I had a sweet lunch with kiddo Friday. Am now able to spy on kiddo's behavior at school in semi... Continue Reading →

Heeeeeey February

I'm looking forward to warmer weather tomorrow and spending some time outside. My philosophical observation of the day is how the passing of time gives you a more realistic perspective on certain things and confirms right (or wrong) decisions. This is a good thing. I am making vegetable soup in the crock pot tomorrow, er,... Continue Reading →

December, I hardly knew ye

I had a birthday. Woo. My mom had a birthday. Double woo. My parents had a big anniversary. A million woos! Kiddo rocked two dance recitals Christmas happened and it was great. I am on "vacation" until Jan. 6th. Cabin fever and crazy restless momma is about to happen. I went indoor rock climbing for... Continue Reading →

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