What are those nuts called that are shaped like kidneys? I like those. And peanuts. Peanuts are my favorite. Almonds I will tolerate but they don’t really do it for me. I just ate this and it was good. I had a turkey sandwich, baked Lays and an apple for lunch. Exciting noms no? Stuff is happenin’ around here. Tomorrow I’m moving into a new … Continue reading snippets

I can’t make this stuff up

So now I have food poisoning or some sort of bacteria infection according to the doctor’s best guess. The night of The Stress Fracture Debacle I did the head in the toilet thing for a bit. I thought I had just stressed myself to the point of illness but then other things began to occur (I will spare  you the details) and The Accountant really … Continue reading I can’t make this stuff up

it just hit me

My little brother is getting married tomorrow. What’s that you say? Come again? My little brother is getting married tomorrow? I’ve been busy packing and ironing (I only iron when I’m severely stalling on the packing thing) but I just sat down to take a breather and it hit me. My little brother is getting married tomorrow. Wow. Bro is three years younger than me so … Continue reading it just hit me

11 years plus Anniversary Cobbler

Saturday was The Accountant and my 11 year anniversary! Wow right? Of course that doesn’t count the 3 plus years that we dated. So officially I have been driving him crazy for almost 15 years! We were out to eat Saturday with Sam and it came up in conversation with the waitress that it was our anniversary. She asked the obligatory “how many years” question … Continue reading 11 years plus Anniversary Cobbler

fathers day, upcoming anniversary & lame post titles

I do not know why I do this to myself. Stay up well past a reasonable bedtime doing lottsa nothing. Sunday nights aren’t particularly kind to me and I’m quite sure that being a zombie girl doesn’t make Mondays any better. But here I sit, blogging aimlessly. Oh, that would be a good name for a blog wouldn’t it? “Blogging Aimlessly”…or something like that. Maybe … Continue reading fathers day, upcoming anniversary & lame post titles

yep yep

Bookclub was great this morning. I took Sam with me so The Accountant could sleep in and she did great. I came prepared with a bag full of toys and cheerios; the wrapping paper and boxes from our Dirty Santa festivities also helped entertain. We had read John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas as our December selection. A nice easy fun read. We now have our next six … Continue reading yep yep

babysitters are a gift from God

Today was lovely I must say. That thing I’ve heard about how taking a break away from baby makes you a better mommy when you return is so true. Today the fabulous Grandma T came a’calling. She came bearing adorable Christmas gifts for Sam, as well as the coolest thing for us. It was a book, hardcover, with pictures of Sam in it and captions. A … Continue reading babysitters are a gift from God