Dan Miller

I don’t always catch the morning news so like many events, I heard about Dan Miller’s death via Twitter. I haven’t been able to watch the tributes today but am watching Channel 4 now, at 10pm. His empty chair with the flowers is absolutely heartbreaking. Isn’t it funny how we think we personally know the people who we watch on tv every night and trust to give … Continue reading Dan Miller

I would’ve been kicked off the debate team

I love a good debate.  From afar.  I would last about .003 seconds as a lawyer.   I suck at defending agruments.  Yet, I love following the more controversial topics on MCB (and elsewhere) and the various “discussions” that inevitably ensue.  Maybe that makes me a political voyeur of some sort.  It’s not that I don’t have opinions about things (and I do vote by the way). That’s just the … Continue reading I would’ve been kicked off the debate team

trying to make sense of it

And so….the VT shootings.  I’ve read so many blog posts about this and listened to the talking heads babble on with so much analysis and speculation that I can’t comprehend it all.  And of course, no time has been wasted on entering into 2nd Amendment political issues that I don’t have the brain power or the desire to comment on very much at the moment.  One thing that bothers me … Continue reading trying to make sense of it