scream “BOOSTER” y’all

Until last night I hadn’t been to a Vacation Bible School in years. Kiddo has been enjoying her Sunday School class so much that I figured she might also like VBS (as us good Christians refer to it) and so we managed to time it just right to go last night on the way home from a particularly very-bad-most-horrible-quite-long commute. It was a madhouse of … Continue reading scream “BOOSTER” y’all

what the song says

I’ve had “Edge of Desire” from JM’s new album, Battle Studies, on repeat in my car for the past week. Sometimes I get hooked on a song and won’t let it go. This one in particular makes me all melancholy and wistful weird. It’s tortured, longing, desperate. It speaks to me for various personal reasons I won’t go into. It reminds me of something from my past that I can’t forget … Continue reading what the song says


I’ve never been so thankful to see it rain before, ever.  It made me smile and think of these things. •  The Morton’s salt girl.  One of my favorite logos of all time (my advertising background coming out) and I remember we always had a box of it in the cabinet at home as a kid and I have a box in my own kitchen … Continue reading finally!

missing you

I fully realize that I’m a grown, married woman of 30-something age.  But sometimes I still feel like that insecure, naive but hopeful high school girl of the 90s.   I miss her some days.  Back then I was preoccupied with adolescent dramas involving the opposite sex, making the grades, basketball games and looking ahead to college and an unknown life that held the possibilities of, well, anything at all really.  The future … Continue reading missing you

grandmother blankets

Multi-colored butterflies lay spread across an ivory fabric background, each one contained in lavender squares.  They are quilted in place by slender fingers to keep them from flying away.  In one corner these same fingers wrote on the cloth with a fabric pen, “To Jennifer, From Grandma, 1985”.  I was ten years old. Old enough to know that this was a special gift, one to be treasured as … Continue reading grandmother blankets


I’m very excited about our trip to NYC in a couple of weeks!  Here’s the itinerary so far…Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Empire State Building, RENT, one or two museums that we haven’t decided on yet, Central Park and plenty of exploring.  We will be staying in a hotel on the Upper West Side near Central Park for a couple of nights and the rest of our … Continue reading NYC

a few things that came to mind on the way home

It’s been a very busy but very nice weekend.  DH and I made the drive to Weakley County to do all our visitin’.  I hadn’t been home in quite a few months now so I was very overdue for some hometown time.  It’s funny, going home.  I go into memory-lane overload.  Every stretch of road, every place of business, many of the houses, etc cause me … Continue reading a few things that came to mind on the way home

does the Easter bunny bring city or country eggs?

Funny how sometimes the most normal of activities will trigger a memory you haven’t had in a very long time.  I had a flashback tonight while cracking the eggs to go into DH’s birthday cake (I will go all Betty Crocker on ya occasionally).  I grew up on a small farm and we always had a few animals around.  A cow or two, rabbits, the … Continue reading does the Easter bunny bring city or country eggs?