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Sprayground fun

29 Jul

Kiddo loves spray parks and we are lucky to have some great ones close by. Yesterday afternoon we ventured to Cumberland Park in Nashville. It was the perfect day for it, not to hot, not too sunny (although I did get a little crispy on my nose and forehead). The park is beautiful, with lovely views of the city. Hopefully we’ll go back at least once or twice more before summer is over. Here’s some shots.



its a fiat i know it

1 Dec

There’s a car that always parks in the same space in the internal depths of the parking garage. It is always shrouded in a car cover concealing what must be something pretty special to the owner. I can hardly stand it and every time I walk by I just want to take a peek underneath to see what the big deal is about this vehicle.

And lets be honest, it also annoys me a little that Mr. or Ms. Fancypants feel the need to shield their car from the rest of us peasants.

But mostly I’m just curious nosy and like to make up adventurous stories about it in my head as I walk by. Its a tiny thing so I’m guessing foreign, maybe antique, some sort of Italian coupe or something equally intriguing.

On second thought, maybe I won’t peek underneath that cover just in case its a beat up old Datsun that will cause incredible disappointment and deflate my glamorous roadster notions.

don’t be jealous…

22 Jul

…that its 1:00 am and I’m posting pictures of Ms. Potato Head in fuzzy bunny slippers.

you can’t buy these in the store

27 Apr

My lovely friend, Dani, makes some extremely snazzy-licious handmade greeting cards!

Go see her blog for more info and a great deal!

weird things that stick in my brain

23 Mar

I have been trying to find this poem for AGES!! I remember it from a college lit class and it stuck in my head all these years, popping up every now and then for whatever reason. But all I could remember was that it was about a cleaning lady finding a frog in the toilet. I remember thinking it was funny and that I liked it very much.

Enter the magic of Google…I’ve searched for it before but no luck. However, today the words “frog in toilet” were typed just right and here is the missing poem!

Enjoy. Or just wrinkle your nose in bewilderment. Whichever.

Hazel Tells Laverne
by Katharyn Howd Machan

last night
im cleanin out my
howard johnsons ladies room
when all of a sudden
up pops this frog
musta come from the sewer
swimmin aroun an tryin ta
climb up the sida the bowl
so i goes ta flushm down
but sohelpmegod he starts talkin
bout a golden ball
an how i can be a princess
me a princess
well my mouth drops
all the way to the floor
an he says
kiss me just kiss me
once on the nose
well i screams
ya little green pervert
an i hitsm with my mop
an has ta flush
the toilet down three times
a princess

one link per paragraph

27 Jan

the “ipad“???? really??? i’m way out of the loop b/c i just realized this is honest to goodness what apple is calling its new miracle gadget…the “ipad”…and now all i can think of is kotex…hey, apple marketing dept? call me.

i bought a few of these for lunch lately…they are yummy delish…spare me the speech about all the sodium and chemicals…i’ll take my chances.

preds game saturday night! i’m considering blue hair. ’cause i bought some of this and need an excuse to try it out.

i love these quotes about committees. they appeal to my snarky nature. and i’m about to go into a committee-type meeting. source: the quotations page

Committee – a group of men who individually can do nothing but as a group decide that nothing can be done. – Fred Allen

A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled. – Sir Barnett Cocks

A committee can make a decision that is dumber than any of its members. – David Coblitz

If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee — that will do them in. – Bradley’s Bromide

i may have stolen no less than four andes mints from the kitchen just now. mmmmmm, minty.

okie dokie

21 Dec

My hands are super dry and I forgot my lotion today. Am going to have to go bumming for some.

Lovely weekend. Finished shopping. Well, make that started and finished shopping. In about 4 hours. At Target. Go me. I approached it guerrilla warfare style. Ambushed the place and got out as fast as possible. Seemed to work great. Excellent strategy if I do say so myself.

Hubs caved and put up the Christmas tree. Lights only, no ornaments. And I will admit that Sam seems transfixed by it. So good call on hubby’s part.

Parents and bro came over Saturday night. Sam entertained all. Mom and Dad had to camp out in the living room since we only have one spare bed and it’s a twin. Oh well. It seemed to work ok. It was great to have them visiting.

Sunday morning was gym for me and then a family outing to church and then lunch at a local Mexican place. Sam had her usual freak out in church so to the nursery we went. I honestly can’t blame her for getting bored… She did great at the restaurant though and fell asleep on the way home.

Mom and I went to the coolest open-house-holiday-party-thingy-I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it that afternoon. My lovely friend Dani, had her handmade cards there. (Go check out her website by the way…hello you cards…they are FAB!!!) There was also a jewelry maker, who it turns out, was from my home county and I remember her from Jr. High/High School days. Small world. A candle maker, massage therapist and nut butter rounded out the vendors. There were tons of food and beverages. And my unhappy tired poopy child. Sigh. But overall it was a fabulous and lovely time with sexy cool artsy hip chics and their wares.  

And now it’s Monday again but it’s Christmas week!!! All is right in my world.

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