one link per paragraph

the “ipad“???? really??? i’m way out of the loop b/c i just realized this is honest to goodness what apple is calling its new miracle gadget…the “ipad”…and now all i can think of is kotex…hey, apple marketing dept? call me. i bought a few of these for lunch lately…they are yummy delish…spare me the speech about all the sodium and chemicals…i’ll take my chances. preds … Continue reading one link per paragraph

okie dokie

My hands are super dry and I forgot my lotion today. Am going to have to go bumming for some. Lovely weekend. Finished shopping. Well, make that started and finished shopping. In about 4 hours. At Target. Go me. I approached it guerrilla warfare style. Ambushed the place and got out as fast as possible. Seemed to work great. Excellent strategy if I do say … Continue reading okie dokie

what i would’ve given to have seen this…

Rumor on the streets is that my mother (Maw Finn, you might know her, she comments here sometimes) performed some kick-butt karaoke this morning at a middle school talent show. Its official. I live in BizarroWorld. And that’s cool with me. Love you mom. You crazy lady. Go here to read about the show. Thanks ‘Coma. Continue reading what i would’ve given to have seen this…

what the song says

I’ve had “Edge of Desire” from JM’s new album, Battle Studies, on repeat in my car for the past week. Sometimes I get hooked on a song and won’t let it go. This one in particular makes me all melancholy and wistful weird. It’s tortured, longing, desperate. It speaks to me for various personal reasons I won’t go into. It reminds me of something from my past that I can’t forget … Continue reading what the song says

i’m sorry, could you repeat that?

Sometimes (ok a lot of times) I catch myself completely zoning out.  As in spacey-brain, mind-wandering, free-thinking, day-dreamin’ girl. It’s like the opposite of meditation or something. Because when you meditate aren’t you supposed to be focused on something specific? Like various aspects of nature, deep breathing, or how your aura fits within the Universe or something?  And not that I’m hatin’ on that kind … Continue reading i’m sorry, could you repeat that?

things i want to do today

I’m bored people so here’s what I want to do… – go to a baseball game – go shopping for some desperately needed new clothes. and shoes. – take a vacation to somewhere calm and restful – get out the atlas, close my eyes and go wherever my finger lands – put pink streaks in my hair and get a tattoo. and some piercings. – … Continue reading things i want to do today

my me day

I’ve been stressed and sick lately so today I decided it was time for a day just for myself. I dropped Sam off at daycare by 8:00 and then came back home to take Cooper to the vet for a bath and some attention from someone other than me. He nearly jerked my arm off in his excitement to get in the door at the … Continue reading my me day

these boots are made for splashin’

Remember when I said I was gonna buy a pair of funky rain boots? I got them yesterday and da da da da, here they are! Now it just needs to rain. Or snow. I know you’re jealous and that my brown pj pants look super haut with them but please, contain yourself. Is it weird to post a picture of your new boots on … Continue reading these boots are made for splashin’