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1 Jul

you know that feeling when you know you should go to bed because its really late but you don’t want to because your mind is whirling and you can’t shut your brain off, plus you’re not really sleepy and are just in that dreamy state of mind where random bizarre thoughts pop into your head and you are really considering driving to the airport and hopping a plane to Sao Paulo but in reality you know you can’t do that so you just think about it and decide to write in your journal instead but ten minutes later all you’ve done is doodle some daisies and 3D arrows so you get on the internet and google “how to interpret dreams”?

yeah, that.

random good things

19 Jan
  • On the drive in this morning, kiddo is quietly immersed in a not-so-quiet Dora the Explorer DVD when I hear “look mommy”. I glance over my shoulder and she is grinning at me with her bowl (previously containing a breakfast of mini pancakes) balanced on her head.
  • The backyard is now fenced. Meaning, the Finnspace Family Compound is now complete.
  • I have been developing some wicked good patience skills over the last few weeks. Or months really. I am hoping that this is going to pay off in something big that I can share here soon. Sigh. It gives me a headache to even think about it.
  • I have a hair appointment on Saturday.
  • The Accountant and I had a great date night last weekend. We saw The Green Hornet in 3D at our local theater and then went to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was pretty perfect.
  • Tax season is not as bad as usual so far since we’ve moved closer to the scene of the number crunching.
  • I have a Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Creme bar in my purse.

various and sundry

13 Oct

I always read that word in my head as “Sun Dry”…as in, “I let my wet shirt sun dry”…or something…ok, wait, actually I guess I would really say “I let my wet shirt dry in the sun” or “I let my wet shirt air dry” or “I threw that wet shirt in the dern dryer”. Yeah, probably that last one. Whatever.

Yes, I’m back to sporadic and random posting for a bit. And so, to catch you up…

  • The Accountant and I went to Vegas last weekend.
  • We are all going to be pirates for Halloween.
  • Our house is going on the market this Saturday.
  • I have gained at least 5 pounds in the past month.
  • I am extremely happy with certain aspects of my life and depressed about others.
  • I have a near uncontrollable urge to go to the zoo.

That is all.


12 Jul

Quick weekend recap…lovely weekend with The Accountant. Mom came to stay with Sam on Saturday night so hubs and I got a hotel room in the city and lived it up like almost 40 year olds tend to do. (Well, almost 40 and almost 35 year olds anyway. Guess who’s younger?) Thanks mom, you rawk.

Know what I hate? Those little ankle socks that don’t even come up to your ankle and ride down your heel inside your shoe causing you to have “slumpy sock syndrome” and henceforth, blisters on that part of your foot above your heel. What’s that place called? You know where I’m talking about, that big tendon back there. Anyway yeah I hate those kind of socks.

I caught myself staring at a green highlighter for several minutes today. Must’ve been for at least ten minutes. Fascinating, those highlighters.

Goals for the evening: I will go to bed early, my kid will not wake up at 1:00 am coughing and randomly pointing at things, and I will not have an anxiety attack. I will be at the gym in the morning if it kills me.

Sam’s birthday is next Saturday. I should be thinking about ordering the cake. Y’all know I’m not baking it. Elmo? We did that last year. Wiggles? Excellent possibility. Sesame Street in general? Another excellent choice. Presents? I think I’m gonna get her one of those fuzzy toilet seat covers for her pink potty. The Accountant has been getting her ready to tell everyone her age in time for the big day. He says “how old are you” and she replies “I twoooooo” and does her best to hold up two fingers. But sometimes it just looks like she’s flashing a gang sign. Poor kid.

The End.

why the long face?

23 Mar

This is me. Spreading sunshine everywhere I go. Yep yep. I mean, can’t you tell? Heh.

The not-so-funny thing is, I really am a fun lively laughing joking person when I’m out from behind a desk. Can we say “you got off at the wrong stop lady”? Yes we can.

Eh, anyway. Stuff ‘n things. Ummmmmm, I got nuthin’ I guess. Oh wait, here’s some stuff…the weather is great today. I restocked my supply of chewing gum. I’m wearing my Chucks. Sam made me laugh this morning (until she freaked out when I dropped her off at daycare). I have $5 to spend for lunch. Today is my Wednesday. Neil Young is coming to the Ryman (if you’re into Neil, this is good news anyway). I go see Garrison Keillor/Prairie Home Companion with my dad in a few weeks. My best friend and The Accountant’s birthdays are coming up the first week of April. Some lady in an SUV nearly ran me over this morning trying to cut over onto Music Row. I honked at her and might have saluted her as well. Might have.

End of stuff. Have a nice day.

fulooca pooca bahooka

5 Mar

on days when i want to thumb my nose at The Man, i make sure and wear a shirt that’s cut low enough in the back so that my tattoo shows. only because this is in clear violation of the dress code and i can be a passive aggressive bish queen when i want to be. and you know that i always turn my back on the bosses when they come near, just to be sure they see it.

i’m losing weight but i’m not sure that eating a poptart for breakfast, whatever for lunch and skipping dinner altogether is the healthiest way to do it.

when asking a certain someone what she was doing, i got this reply and it made me literally snort…”Trying to find a new life on the internet. I should join the army…or something. I think I could be a hobo… did you ever see that 20/20 special where the “hobo” was actually making like 40,000 a year and lived in a nice house?? He was just acting hobo-ish. I could do that I think….” made my day…because i too, have that same hobo dream…

this piece made me laugh…my child is doomed…are you being sarcastic? I love it when people don’t take parenting so seriously. chill out yo. which reminds me…last night sam started doing this crazy walk…like a cross between george jefferson’s swagger and a pimp’s gait (sorry if you think this is crass and a bit un-PC, because if you do, I’m so rolling my eyes at you right now)…i was like “what are you doing? being big pimp daddy sam?” the accountant and i laughed our butts off at her and she just kept looking up at us and grinning and would do the pimp daddy walk again. kid is cah-razy.

thanks to my friends and fam who have checked up on me these last few days. i know i am not the most even-keeled person. i’ll be fine, i really will. i just need time. you all are the best. much love.


things i don’t “get”

16 Feb

curling. but only because i don’t know anything about it. i should probably research the rules and such but its so much more entertaining to make fun of it. i keep reading tweets about some norwegian curler’s pants…must google this…oh heck yeah, just saw them and may i just say that i would totally wear those! y’all know how much i love me some argyle. lighten up people and wear some crazy pants sometimes!

jimmy buffett and the whole parrothead/margaritaville thing. i mean no disrespect but really…it’s kind of like somebody’s balding goofy uncle larry going around playing the ukelele or something. and these people are apparently serious about their buffett-love. i googled how to spell “margaritaville” and i’ll be danged if these parrothead people don’t have chat rooms and message boards and shrines to the buffett all over the place! for the record, i have been to margaritaville in panama city beach and it was a fun time. so maybe these parrotheads are onto something. regardless, dude seems like he’s having fun, so you go jimmy!

people who have garages but park their cars outside anyway. and then complain about having to defrost their vehicle or clean off the bird crap. i suppose they are using their 2 car garage for “storage” but i don’t get why a box of tire irons or your grandma’s deep freezer needs a roof over them while your gazillion dollar lexus sits outside in the weather. but sok. to each her own.

why i blog about this stuff. oh yeah, boredom.


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