you know that feeling when you know you should go to bed because its really late but you don't want to because your mind is whirling and you can't shut your brain off, plus you're not really sleepy and are just in that dreamy state of mind where random bizarre thoughts pop into your head... Continue Reading →

random good things

On the drive in this morning, kiddo is quietly immersed in a not-so-quiet Dora the Explorer DVD when I hear "look mommy". I glance over my shoulder and she is grinning at me with her bowl (previously containing a breakfast of mini pancakes) balanced on her head. The backyard is now fenced. Meaning, the Finnspace... Continue Reading →

various and sundry

I always read that word in my head as "Sun Dry" in, "I let my wet shirt sun dry"...or something...ok, wait, actually I guess I would really say "I let my wet shirt dry in the sun" or "I let my wet shirt air dry" or "I threw that wet shirt in the dern dryer". Yeah,... Continue Reading →


Quick weekend recap...lovely weekend with The Accountant. Mom came to stay with Sam on Saturday night so hubs and I got a hotel room in the city and lived it up like almost 40 year olds tend to do. (Well, almost 40 and almost 35 year olds anyway. Guess who's younger?) Thanks mom, you rawk.... Continue Reading →

why the long face?

This is me. Spreading sunshine everywhere I go. Yep yep. I mean, can't you tell? Heh. The not-so-funny thing is, I really am a fun lively laughing joking person when I'm out from behind a desk. Can we say "you got off at the wrong stop lady"? Yes we can. Eh, anyway. Stuff 'n things. Ummmmmm,... Continue Reading →

fulooca pooca bahooka

on days when i want to thumb my nose at The Man, i make sure and wear a shirt that's cut low enough in the back so that my tattoo shows. only because this is in clear violation of the dress code and i can be a passive aggressive bish queen when i want to... Continue Reading →

things i don’t “get”

curling. but only because i don't know anything about it. i should probably research the rules and such but its so much more entertaining to make fun of it. i keep reading tweets about some norwegian curler's pants...must google this...oh heck yeah, just saw them and may i just say that i would totally wear... Continue Reading →

a quickie

birthday i turned 34. eek. i have great friends. even if i'm old. they still love me anyway. boys are funny. and cute. i like them. of course, The Accountant is my fav. it's late, the VS fashion show is on and is making me feel guilty for skipping the gym today and eating... Continue Reading →

yo. what up?

eggo waffle shortage...not good...sam eats a waffle every day for breakfast and freaks the heck out if she doesn't get it...creature of habit?...perhaps...i have to have my lowfat cinnamon brown sugar poptart every morning, she has to have her eggo...this could be a crisis worse than h1n1 in our house... headed to nyc on friday,... Continue Reading →

sleepy time? no.

I have tried very hard to like Conan O'Brien but I just don't. I booked my flight to NYC today! Going next month for a weekend. Tomorrow is my Friday. As I believe I have mentioned before. I ran for the first time in weeks tonight and it felt great. Much walking but some running.... Continue Reading →

not a bad problem to have…

...but a problem nonetheless... I've been losing some weight recently (go me!) and today I realized that while this is great, I now need to go shopping. Darn it, I know. My pants have been literally hanging onto my hips by a prayer all day today and have been driving me crazy. I've been awkwardly hitching... Continue Reading →

dreams and vagueness

I had a blogging dream last night. I was going through my day and along the way I was collecting random things that happened and noting them in my head to post as one of my scattered, off-the-cuff ramblings that I tend to do. The only one I can remember was that as I was on... Continue Reading →

boop ba da boop

The internet is boring me tonight and so I've decided to bore you instead. Then you can go to your own blog and write about how boring the internet is. I'm here for you people. I have a serious problem with unpacking bags from a trip. Sometimes I will return home and continue to live... Continue Reading →

there is no title for this

some people live in a box. they just do. a mental one but a box nonetheless. get out of it people! there are other ideas, values, thoughts, ways of doing things, perspectives, than what you see from within your cardboard brown walls. boredom is not an excuse to be stupid. maybe. sometimes you have to... Continue Reading →


This is what I say when I'm just kind of meh about it all. Usually right now I'm sitting in church with Sam but it seems that all three of us have contracted some sort of stomach virus that refuses to go away. I've had it the longest, then The Accountant was the lucky one... Continue Reading →

this is me being vague

Over the past week I've started two drafts about a certain topic but I can't seem to get across what I want to say in the way that I want to say it. Its clear in my head but refuses to come out my fingertips. Frustrating. Maybe I'll get it out eventually. It's nothing that will... Continue Reading →

my head hurts

My head hurts partly because I'm tired and a bit stressed and partly because I have a crazy brain that is full of swirling thoughts and various rambles.  I have a post in progress about my return to school next semester but it's still stewing and not ready for public consumption just yet.  It will come later.  I also... Continue Reading →


My BlogLog account seems to have magically disappeared.  I was thinking about cancelling it anyway but I guess I don't have to.  Now I can stalk all of you incognito. What is the deal with doctor's offices that will not call you back???  I've left two messages with my PCP regarding my asthma that is darn... Continue Reading →


Why can I not upload pictures from this weekend onto Flickr?  Just wondering.  Until it starts working again, here's a picture of the ball of fur my parents call a cat, Bogey. 

a couple of things

So I was wondering today...must we put everything "on ice"?  Is this strictly a Disney thing?  I saw an ad yesterday for High School Musical - ON ICE!!!  Woot.  I'm pretty sure I've seen ads in the past for The Lion King - ON ICE!!! and Dora the Explorer - ON ICE!!!  And I'm sure... Continue Reading →

sending the wrong signal?

I almost complimented a lady in the restroom stall next to me on her uber fabulous chartreuse heels today.  But then it occurred to me that she might be an undercover cop wearing magnificent footwear and what if that was the signal for soliciting lewd acts in a public restroom? So I didn't. 


I'm still around, just been busy.  Heading to Jackson to meet up with Scout and my bro at the Jaxx game tonight.  Will catch up on posting and reading soon.   Noticed a couple of new commenters, thanks for stopping by!!

still hot

The Accountant is home right now waiting on the AC guy to come out and see what is going on.  The guy called and can't come out until after 12:00 today so looks like hubs gets a day off.  Last night wasn't so bad actually.  The ac somehow managed to cool the house down to... Continue Reading →

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