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20 Dec

Sup internet? I’m finally feeling better and minus a kinda gross cough, am back to normal. And officially on Christmas vacation for a couple of weeks, so that’s a nice feeling. It will be busy, as this time of year always is but I always feel like its a good time to reset myself in a way.

Kiddo’s dance recital was cute but two shows in one day made for a long one. It was The Nutcracker and she did really well; in the first show as a Polichinelle and in the second show as a Candy Cane. I wonder how long she’ll stick with dance. Occasionally she mentions trying gymnastics again but we’ll see. Personally, I’m pulling for some sort of sport like basketball or soccer but won’t push it. I’m not sure that fits her personality anyway.

I finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane and it was fantastic! I have a list of other Gaiman’s to check out on my next trip to the libraryScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 9.20.25 PM. I’m still slowly making my way through Buddhism: A Concise Introduction and want to finish it before I start The Bottoms by Joe Lansdale. THEN more Gaiman. And Brach. And Strayed. And Coelho. ALL THE BOOKS.

Today was spent wrapping presents, making out with Papa John’s, and being a bit crafty with a couple of handmade gifts I’m attempting. I am a complete dork sometimes. Kiddo and I were going to go see Annie but she passed out so we’ll do that another day. Pretty sure it’s going to be bad but she’s 6, so who cares. Quvenzhan√© Wallis was so great in Beasts of the Southern Wild but my hopes are minimal for her in this little diddy. I am going to treat myself to going to see Wild and Birdman at some point during my time off though.

That’s it for tonight folks.



30 Jan

Kiddo’s sleepover last weekend was a success and hubs and I were able to enjoy a quiet evening at home. In preparation for our night in, we had planned to enjoy a Mexican feast of homemade nachos with all the fixin’s. A mistake was made in sending me to the store hungry and the cashier asked me if I were having actual Mexicans over for dinner that night because of all the crap I bought. I couldn’t decide if I should be offended on behalf of the local Hispanic population or not, so I just bade a hasty goodbye with my many bags of queso, salsa, and tortillas in tow. It was yummy but I am kind of tired of eating leftovers all week.

100dollars1A kiddo anecdote…I noticed an interesting paper in her school folder today but couldn’t quite decipher her writing. They are learning to put together sentences by sounding out and so of course, the results only make sense to 5 year olds who haven’t had the chance yet to be royally screwed up by the adults who made up the crazy rules of the English language. But I digress. The phrase to complete was “If I had 100 dollars.” I asked her what her answer was and she said “I would save it until I died.” Her father’s influence, I assure you. Misers, those two.

In movie and book news, I went to see Inside Llewyn Davis on Saturday at our local indie theater. I’m not usually a big Coen brothers fan but this one hooked me. I was unfamiliar with Oscar Isaac and found him to be fabulous. And you can’t go wrong with Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. The whole cast was great, then add in Greenwich Village in the early 1960s, a funky plot twist and music via T Bone Burnett…come on. Its a win all around. I loved it so much.

I finished the Millennium trilogy last week. I’m a little bit behind I know. I found them to be serious nail biters. I got angry more than a few times, held my breath throughout, and even yelled out loud when the main bad guy finally got his comeuppance. I love books like that…ones that make you stay up all night reading because you can’t bear to put the book down even though you have to get up early to live your real life but prefer to live in another one during the hours before. Love it.

Wisdom from friends…the early part of this week found me to be a bit pissy. A friend asked how I was doing and I told him I was in a rather dark mood. His reply was “ohhhh, be bright.” Simple, right? Then he took me to lunch and had me laughing my head off an hour later. He looked at me and said, “see, you’re really bright now.” And I was.

Buenas noches!

stuff ‘n thangs

4 Jan

PicMonkey CollageI’m over the holidays and Christmas “vacation”. I’m ready to go back to work. And now there is the threat of Snowmaggedon on Sunday night so there’s more than a snowball’s chance in hell that Monday will be a snow day and I will go crazy. I’m overly dramatic, I realize. Its been awesome to hang with kiddo these past couple of weeks and we’ve done a lot of fun things…but y’all, I really need to reenter the adult world. I can easily see how stay at home moms tend to “lose themselves” in the land of Legos, diapers, tantrums, Nickelodeon, and all things kiddie. Those women deserve a raise and a stiff drink or five.

I’ve registered for my first 5K of the year for February 15th with some friends. Should be a fun race, albeit COLD. But there will be hot chocolate and fondue at the finish line so how could a chunky girl NOT do it? I’m not sure I’ll ever be a very good or fast or consistent runner. But I can’t seem to stay away from it for long. Maybe its because I consider it a solitary sport (or at least as solitary as you want it to be) and I like that about it. You’re only competing against yourself and seeking to improve from your last time or pace or hot chocolate consumption or whatever your goals may be.

On the literary front, I’ve been reading Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series lately and am on the second book. I’m saving the movies for after I finish and hope to watch both the Swedish and American versions. As far as movies go, I did get to see Bettie Page Reveals All the other night and wow, interesting lady! I didn’t realize she was born and lived in Nashville, or was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia and spent almost two years in a mental hospital…and so many other things. I love documentaries. On the other hand, I watched The Last Unicorn with kiddo tonight and I did not love that. Odd movie, in my opinion, and I usually like the weird stuff.

Tomorrow let’s make veggie tacos, do some stuff at the gym, rock some Angry Birds Star Wars on the Playstation, and go for a walk in the freezing cold, um’ kay? Fabulous.

Peas ‘n carrots.


The Great Beauty, and being a movie snob

30 Dec

I treated myself to an outing to our local and fabulous indie theater today and saw The Great Beauty on the recommendation of a friend. I was not disappointed. It was one of those films that I had to let settle in my brain for a bit afterwards to make my own sense of what I felt it “meant”. Filmed in the oh so alluring city of Rome, I found it to be cinematically beautiful and lush. As well as bizarre, melancholy and wonderful. There was something very sad to me about Jeb and his friends…on the back end of middle age and still struggling to find meaning in their lives and relationships. Maybe we aren’t ever meant to figure that stuff out anyway. Several funny moments and several sad ones, it was one of those movies where people just sat very still at the end and listened to the music and watched the credits roll until the very end.

Some of my friends think I’m a bit of a movie snob and I won’t deny it. I watch Hollywood films with as much enjoyment as the next person, but I seek out and REALLY enjoy the indie and foreign stuff for several reasons. I love subtitles, for one thing. Yes, weirdo. I love listening to people speak other languages for long periods of time. Double weirdo. Its just so beautiful to me. Especially Italian and French. Gorgeous languages. I like how many of those films challenge my brain and make me see things in different ways, in ways that never would have occurred to me. I like how they can make me think about them for a long time afterwards…mull them over…dissect and analyze them… I remember those films versus most mainstream Hollywood fare. Triple weirdo.

Not to discount the good ones in the U.S. of A. of course! FYI: The Belcourt is showing Oscar Picks on weekends through January and February!

On my schedule next week, a Bettie Page documentary, Bettie Page Reveals All.

Ciao movie lovers!

the weekend and wheels

12 Aug

As briefly mentioned in a prior post, The Accountant and I had scheduled an all weekend babysitter for kiddo and a weekend getaway for ourselves. My throat issues mysteriously disappeared shortly after I complained about them and off we went.

I could so live the rest of my life in a nice hotel. We were within walking distance of everything we wanted, and shuttle distance of anything else. We hung out with friends and had dinner, saw a movie (Elysium, very good in spite of the overt political slant, but, Matt Damon so whatever), and relaxed. Saturday was brunch at our favorite pancake joint, and lots of exercise! We walked all over the place and rented bikes from the B-cycle and continued our journeys about town. Overall we got in over seven miles of galavanting around the city under our own power. The rest of the weekend was spent lounging. I am a champion lounger. It was a very nice, very relaxing and chilled out weekend. I need more of those.

Let’s talk about bikes now…My friend cracked me up today when I made a comment about why I am so obsessed with motorcycles and bicycles lately…she said “its because you are looking for multiple escape methods.” Ha!

First bicycles…Ever since a friend of mine had mentioned the possibility of completing a duathlon I haven’t been able to get the notion out of my head. But I have no experience with serious biking and haven’t ridden in years and don’t (make that didn’t) even own a bicycle. Besides potential racing at a much later date, another plus to getting a bike was that I figured I needed a supplement to running and my knees, feet, and joints would appreciate an additional option for fitness that’s a bit more exciting than the stationary bike at the gym. After talking to a guy at a local bike shop about what my goals were for the time being he recommended some options and I test rode a Trek Verve and a Trek FX 7.4 on Saturday. Today at lunch I drove away with the FX in the back of my car. This is obviously not a race bike but will be good for a newb like me to get used to biking in general, and build up my fitness overall. If I really get serious about a duathlon, I can always trade up to an official road bike. That said, I cannot wait to get it home and ride! I want to ride all the greenways and parks and its going to be a great option to be able to throw it in the back of my car in the mornings and ride out the stress of the day in the afternoons before heading home. So excited! Will post a pic later.

Now motorcycles…Before we left on our weekend getaway, I wanted to see if I could really ride The Accountant’s motorcycle without crashing. I was soooo nervous. Its one thing to crash the little rattletrap bikes they let us ride in the Basic Rider class, but a whole other thing to scratch up your husband’s pride and joy, which is much heavier and much nicer. I hopped on, got oriented, took a few deep breaths, and took off. Given what I looked like on it the last time I tried (a scared little girl), The Accountant was impressed. I rode around the neighborhood for a while and got used to the feel of this heavier, and oh so much smoother ride than the one I’d learned on.

I have now claimed this bike as my own. All’s fair in war and marriage.


weirdo beardo feardo

2 Aug

Its late. I just woke up feeling a bit panicky. That hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks. Nothing I can’t handle, just, feelings. The phrase “fake it till ya make it” popped into my head. True words.

Watched a few clips from AmelieAmelie because I’m weird like that and there’s something soothing to me about listening to someone speak French regardless of what they’re saying. See? Weirdo.

Tomorrow (er, today) I’ll take kiddo to daycare, then come back and do a quick pick up of the house so the new potential housekeeping people don’t run away screaming, then maybe a work out and or a walk, make sure I have everything I need for my weekend adventure, yada yada yada.

Hope you’re sleeping better than I am. Think I’m going to go walk the dog. Double weirdo.

so it goes on the 4th of July

4 Jul

fireworks-wallpaper-for-desktopIt rained today. I don’t mean it rained for an hour or two, it rained ALL dang day. We didn’t really have solid plans for the 4th anyway but if we had planned on outdoor activities, they weren’t happening.

So we ventured to a lazy late breakfast at one of my favorite places that tries a little too hard to be reminiscent of Paris in that annoyingly cheesy and inauthentic way that Americans can possess. But maybe that’s why I like it so much, because it tries really hard.

I spent two hours at the gym working off said breakfast while kiddo stayed home with The Accountant and drew about a million pictures of Spongebob characters and fish. Then it was time for a shower and an hour at the local inflatable bouncy house place with kiddo in which she worked out some serious four-almost-five-year-old energy.

Let’s talk about those for a minute um’kay? Those places are cool ain’t they? Large gaudy plastic inflatable castles and such for kids to jump around in their stinky sock feet and tumble and slide and scream and get injured. But my kid would live at one of those places if she could. I practically have to drag her out of there. We have been to a million birthday parties of her little friends at these establishments and the little bugger is having her party this year at one too. It must be the cool thing to do for the pre-school set these days.

We decided to go to the movies and see Despicable Me 2. Apparently everyone and their third cousin’s grandma had the exact same rainy holiday idea because we had mega trouble scoring a parking place but finally did in the very furthest remote location possible. We ran through the rain to get in. Or rather, mommy stumbled through puddles while carrying a 40 lb kid who was wearing flip flops and didn’t want to get her feet wet. But whatevs. The show time we wanted was sold out but never fear for even this would not derail us. We bought tickets for the next show, 45 minutes later and waited in a winding line that snaked through the lobby to finally get a seat in the actual theater. Overall, it was a success and popcorn happened and kiddo loved the movie. It was really good and I LOLed more than a few times. Steve Carell is pretty much awesome no matter what he does and it was just a plain ol’ cute, funny, clever movie. A zillion times better than Monsters University, if you want to know what I think. I am fast becoming the Roger Ebert of kid’s movies. Another career option I should consider pursuing.

By this time mommy is ready to collapse from all the running around (let’s face it, I’m usually ready to collapse even if I’ve been sitting still all day). Kiddo was pretty worn down too so she drew yet more pictures of fish and we tricked her into thinking the neighborhood fireworks were the “big ones” we’d been talking about seeing all week. Many places had cancelled the fireworks shenanigans due to the weather but we could have ventured out to see a couple that were stubborn and held out. But dude, it was raining and I was beat down. Parents are conniving evil creatures so much of the time. We have to be to survive. The show was actually pretty good though and we got to watch it from the comfort of our covered patio while wearing pjs. Doesn’t get much more American than that y’all.

Then bedtime and now its 2 am and I’m up giving you the play by play of my day and you are actually reading it. Suckers.

sh5Oh. Lastly, I started listening to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five on audiobook today while sweating at the gym. It’s always been on my list and I decided hey, you wanna read it, just flippin’ read it already. I should do that with more things in my life. You wanna do it? So do it. Simple. Easy peasy. Anyway, I’m at Chapter 2 and its interesting. I think I’m gonna like this guy.

Peas n’ Carrots.

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