What are those nuts called that are shaped like kidneys? I like those. And peanuts. Peanuts are my favorite. Almonds I will tolerate but they don’t really do it for me. I just ate this and it was good. I had a turkey sandwich, baked Lays and an apple for lunch. Exciting noms no? Stuff is happenin’ around here. Tomorrow I’m moving into a new … Continue reading snippets

current musical influences

Thanks to a friend for sending me a CD of The Laurie Berkner Band. Mom and daughter both love it! Kiddo is currently in love with this song in particular. I’ll look at her, wiggle my fingers and say “I’m gonna get you, you better run” and she giggles, takes off running through the house laughing her head off while I chase her and sing-song “I’m gonna get you, here … Continue reading current musical influences

sometimes it just rains, even in Lake Wobegon

This post is brought to you by a Bible verse from Matthew, Garrison Keillor and my dad. Matthew 5:45 …for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust… A friend asked me to blog about a passage from Matthew that popped out at me and the above portion of verse 45, chapter 5 … Continue reading sometimes it just rains, even in Lake Wobegon

me again, being all deep & stuff

Sometimes I think the Universe is playing a sick joke on me. Either that, or there’s been an epic mistake. That I wasn’t meant to be this person, with this life. That somehow, there’s been a terrible mix-up and I’m someone else who is trapped in this body, this place in time, at this spot on the map. I don’t know that I was meant to be … Continue reading me again, being all deep & stuff

what i would’ve given to have seen this…

Rumor on the streets is that my mother (Maw Finn, you might know her, she comments here sometimes) performed some kick-butt karaoke this morning at a middle school talent show. Its official. I live in BizarroWorld. And that’s cool with me. Love you mom. You crazy lady. Go here to read about the show. Thanks ‘Coma. Continue reading what i would’ve given to have seen this…

what the song says

I’ve had “Edge of Desire” from JM’s new album, Battle Studies, on repeat in my car for the past week. Sometimes I get hooked on a song and won’t let it go. This one in particular makes me all melancholy and wistful weird. It’s tortured, longing, desperate. It speaks to me for various personal reasons I won’t go into. It reminds me of something from my past that I can’t forget … Continue reading what the song says

getting on with my bloggy bad self

I’m compiling a list of things that “They” don’t tell you about before you have kids of your own. The latest addition is that all members of the household will never be healthy at the same time ever again. We are constantly sick up in here. Sam is still trying to get over her latest crud and now The Accountant is really sick. In the … Continue reading getting on with my bloggy bad self

terrific tuesday post

I really struggle with my post titles. Can you tell? Heh. I woke up in a rather irritated mood this morning but am quickly turning my ‘tude around because various good things have already happened and it’s not even 10am yet. Wanna hear ’em? 1. Sam was in a semi-decent mood this morning even though she has a cold and is producing more snot than, … Continue reading terrific tuesday post

so here’s the thing

Eh, I have no idea what “the thing” is. I just randomly typed that in the title box. I think I might possibly suffocate in this office but I’m not opening my door to get air for fear of having to actually interact with people on my lunch hour.  ‘Cause that would just be unnecessary and annoying. And passing out from heat stroke is much more preferable than … Continue reading so here’s the thing


 Sometimes I just feel like typing.  Maybe saying nothing but typing away.  I have a severe love of sentence fragments at all times but especially when I just freewrite.  I think I think in fragments.  But does anyone think in complete sentences?  And I also love to begin sentences with the words “and” and “but”.  But who cares really?  And I am not on drugs … Continue reading jumbles

scientific study from my desk

I have made an annoying discovery today.  If you keep the radio tuned to the same station all day (107.5, I’m lookin’ at you) and hardly leave your desk, a strange thing happens.  You will hear Rihanna singing about her Umbrella, ella, ella 25.8 times during the day.  Sean Kingston will drive you batty with his Suicidal/Beautiful Girls nonsense at least 32 times.  And Fergie will bemoan … Continue reading scientific study from my desk

concert time

In my quest to become a full fledged John Mayer groupie, I’m going to his concert next month at the Sommet/Crochet/Jose/Blase whatever it’s called Center!  Woot!  A friend and I are taking a newly-turned-driver-of-legal-age to the concert for her 16th birthday.  Are we sweet or what?  I went to see Mayer at the now defunct Starwood Amphitheater in 2004 (Maroon Five opened – another fav of … Continue reading concert time


Mr. Mayer is gonna wail on that phenomenal guitar of his tomorrow night in Murray, KY and I’m gonna miss it!  Dang it, I am seriously kicking myself for not getting tickets because a petty little thing like work got in the way.  I saw him and Maroon5 a couple of years ago at the beloved (but soon to be condos or a strip mall – shame on … Continue reading johnboy