hallelujah, its hump day

Wednesday. That is a good thing. That means that tomorrow is my Friday. I think Friday will be a "sleep all day" kind of day. I deserve it. I had a productive evening last night and finished up a project I've been working on for a friend's business. Kind of a side thing I've got... Continue Reading →

one link per paragraph

the "ipad"???? really??? i'm way out of the loop b/c i just realized this is honest to goodness what apple is calling its new miracle gadget...the "ipad"...and now all i can think of is kotex...hey, apple marketing dept? call me. i bought a few of these for lunch lately...they are yummy delish...spare me the speech... Continue Reading →


This weekend has been nice. Sam finally seems to be on the mend for a while at least. The antibiotics have had some gross side effects but I gave her the last dose today so that's a good thing. Its been an interesting week at work. Many because I am so close to seeing some... Continue Reading →


 Sometimes I just feel like typing.  Maybe saying nothing but typing away.  I have a severe love of sentence fragments at all times but especially when I just freewrite.  I think I think in fragments.  But does anyone think in complete sentences?  And I also love to begin sentences with the words "and" and "but". ... Continue Reading →

basketball obsession and miscellany

The weekend Scout and I did what all women do when the menfolk are away.  We watched March Marchness for hours on Saturday afternoon and then went to a hockey game.  Most woman would do the same thing when they have a weekend to themselves right? Or maybe that's just us.  Heh.  During our basketball viewing marathon we discussed... Continue Reading →


Wow, I've really not had much to talk about here lately.  I've honestly been considering ditching this blog because I'm not so sure of it's purpose anymore.  Maybe I'm just in one of my funks and will get over it soon, I dunno.  So just to post something, however useless, I will type at random for a... Continue Reading →

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