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17 Dec

Mom emailed me this picture the other day of an owl that lives in their yard.  I saw this majestic bird a couple of weeks ago as it flew from some perch and into a tree where it just sat there staring at us in that intimidating way an owl has about it.  I’ve always thought owls were the coolest birds of all.  They just seem so mysterious and they make that haunting noise and can do crazy things with their necks.  And when they look at you it feels like some otherworldly presense is seeing right through you.  I could easily be convinced that owls are spirits in bird form, or aliens sent to spy on us from planets far away, or guardian angels that are trying to tell us something very important.  Or maybe they’re just really big birds with weird eyes. 

This fine creature was only a few feet away from my parent’s dining room window when mom snapped the picture.  I would have jumped plain through the ceiling if I’d walked past the window and saw that thing looking at me.  I swear, they can see right into your soul. 

fall day

3 Nov

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  -Albert Camus

I think autumn is the most beautiful season.  Today I took a few minutes and sat on the damp ground amidst the crispy brown, yellow and orange leaves in my backyard.  I decompressed and let the remains of a bad day fall off of me and swirl away in the wind along with the leaves.  My handsome canine friend lay beside me chewing on a stick that had been relinquished from some tree.  In that spectacular moment it was a perfect fall afternoon and I was completely content to just be here, in this place, in this time. 

attack of the raccoons

10 Jun

Check out these monsters we caught on our deck the other night!


23 May


“it’s like…nature out here.”

28 Apr

These little guys were feasting on some spilled bird seed on our deck this morning. 

mad hiking

17 Apr

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