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11 Dec

Sick. I really wish someone would bring me some warm gooey chocolate chip cookies today. I’m home sick with a fever, cough, etc etc and I say screw the chicken noodle soup, cookies are where its at. Anyway, mutter mutter growl. At least I should be over it in plenty of time to enjoy the holidays. Bright spot.

Ugly. The news these days y’all. People are so inScreen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.14.13 PMcredibly evil. Of course, the media skews things like crazy but there is no denying that people are asshats to the extreme. The girl in MS who was burned alive…I can’t even. The parole hearing that recently brought the horrific kidnapping, torture, and murders of a Knoxville couple back into the news. And so many other things that happen every day. Racism, riots, chaos. People are so very angry. ūüė¶ It is so easy to get consumed by it all if you let it. Countering all of this with the positive/good/beautiful things in life is a must.

Kid. Alright, on to happier topics. My kid of course. Heh. She has a Christmas dance recital this weekend which should be fun. I have no idea what her costumes are or what songs she’s dancing to so this will be a nice surprise for momma. Speaking of surprises, I thought we were going to escape it but kiddo mournfully asked The Accountant the other day why the Elf on the Shelf hadn’t visited her house yet. Apparently ALL her friends have elves and even her classroom at school. Grrrrr. I have an unreasonable hatred for that thing but she was SO bummed and we were at risk of having the whole Santa thing come crashing down, so I caved and we have now been invaded by Snowy the Elf. I am not proud of this. But kiddo thinks it fabulous and so here we are. I have put my foot down somewhat and am just moving it around the house. None of this time consuming clever elf scenario crap or posting its antics on social media. Ok ok, the first night I DID make an elf snow angel on the counter in sugar, but that is IT. So there.

Friends. I had a really good friend back in high school and college who I’d lost touch with over the past few years. We went to different high schools but attended the same church and would have sleepovers at each others houses and go on shopping trips, lots of teenage cruising around town, scoping out boys…all of that fun stuff. I moved away and we each got married. We kept in touch until the babies came and then life got busy. I sent her a Christmas card last year which got returned, so this year I made a point to hunt her down. I found her via some internet stalking research and we’ve been emailing this week! Its so great to reconnect! Keep your friends close and make them a priority because they are one of the best things in life and it sucks to lose them. I’m SO happy I found her again! Totally made my week.

Books. I’m reading some really good books lately. I have a list going on Goodreads of ones recommended by friends and some I just want to read for myself. Apparently I am missing out by not reading Neil Gaiman, according to a few friends. I’m not too far into The Ocean at the End of the Lane but so far I am really liking it. Also throwing in some Buddhism, some self help, some health related, and lots more fiction. Reading is good for the soul I say.

Bed. Ok, its back to bed for this sick girl.

weather is stupid, sickly kid, weekend highlights, drugs are bad

2 Feb

Mother Nature can for real bite me. Kiddo’s school opens two hours late tomorrow but it wouldn’t surprise me if they cancel it altogether before morning. It is raining out there after all. I always roll my eyes at people yakking on and on about the weather but when you were just in short sleeves 24 hours ago and now school is out because of potential icing, well, yak away if you want.

Speaking of the offspring, she’s not feeling so great. It’s not even 11pm yet and she’s already been up three times coughing and shivering and icky. I gave her honey for the cough, a roll of toilet paper for the snots, literally the shirt off my back for comfort, some extra blankets for the shivers, and Tylenol for general purposes. I really hope she’s not getting seriously sick yet again.

Other than her feeling a bit off, our weekend was good. We got to ride bikes together for a bit on Saturday, made Valentines this afternoon, completed homework, and she played video games with The Accountant. All of that and my fabulous veggie soup were the highlights from the weekend. There was the Superbowl thing on TV but I completely ignored that and watched Sam and Cat with you-know-who instead. A good choice I think.

Switching gears here…the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so incredibly sad, as are all deaths in which addiction plays a part (assuming the preliminary theories on cause of death are correct). Drugs are bad news bears folks. Addiction is a scary thing and doesn’t give two shits how much money you have or how talented or famous you are; it can happen to anyone in so many different forms. I honestly believe that we all have demons. Some people just find ways to deal better with theirs than others.

Happiness Inside Job

its too early

29 Nov

It’s too early for me to be up on a Saturday but I haven’t got to sleep in like I like to (which means till 11:00ish) in over a year.¬† I guess those days are over until Sam and any other munchkins¬†are much much older.¬† Sam has been sleeping through the night the past few nights and getting up around 5:30 to eat.¬† It would be super nice if she’d go back to sleep after eating in the morning but that doesn’t happen.¬† She’s up for the duration, at least three hours or so before naptime.¬† This morning she’s in bed in her boppy playing with her toys and hanging out.

The Today show is on but really think I’m going to turn it off.¬† It’s so depressing.¬† It’s all about terrorism, black friday crazies, the economy or lost toolbags in space.¬† I think there needs to be a good news only channel with only positive stories reported.¬†

Looks like a dreary rainy day, which I don’t mind¬†so much.¬† Makes me happy to be all cozy in the house.¬† I’m thinking today is the day to put up the Christmas tree!¬† We haven’t put up our monster tree in¬†a few years so it may overwhelm me.¬† And I’m not even sure I have enough ornaments to fill it up.¬† But we’ll see how it goes and I can always go by some cheapo filler ornaments right?

I think I’m done rambling for now.

sending the wrong signal?

29 Aug

I almost complimented a lady in the restroom stall next to me on her uber fabulous chartreuse heels today.  But then it occurred to me that she might be an undercover cop wearing magnificent footwear and what if that was the signal for soliciting lewd acts in a public restroom?

So I didn’t.¬†

no more lines

6 Jul

Wow, even entire countries can have their priorities mixed up.¬† But I have to admit that I think this is a good idea.¬† I, for one, hate waiting in line at the restroom when “I gotta go”!¬†

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