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city pics

30 Jul

Some photos I like from Sunday’s outing.





Nashville5  Nashville7

Sprayground fun

29 Jul

Kiddo loves spray parks and we are lucky to have some great ones close by. Yesterday afternoon we ventured to Cumberland Park in Nashville. It was the perfect day for it, not to hot, not too sunny (although I did get a little crispy on my nose and forehead). The park is beautiful, with lovely views of the city. Hopefully we’ll go back at least once or twice more before summer is over. Here’s some shots.



grumpy mcgrumperson

29 Dec

I am not a fan of small talk nor am I very good at it. Post holiday small talk tops the list of all categories of dreaded chitty-chatty-for-no-reason banter. Hello person with me in the elevator who I don’t know but who I think works in accounting…”how was your Christmas” they ask me…I say “it was great, how was yours?” And we carry on. This bugs me. The waiter at lunch asks the same thing…I answer in turn. Drives me crazy. A friend sincerely wants to know, ok fine, we’ll discuss.  By the way, my Christmas was pretty great, thanks for asking. How was yours? Maybe I’ll post about it soon and then I’ll just direct curious passersby to this site so I don’t have to rehash. Heh.

I’m a bit gloomy doomy today. Not that you could possibly tell that because I hide it so well. The weeks after the holiday build up and then the inevitable descent tend to bring me down in weird ways. I think it’s the anticipation and preparation, then BANG the big event, and then…nothing. Except dreary weather, stashing away holiday decorations and continuing with the normal. I don’t particularly like being the kind of person who always needs something to look forward to, some sort of carrot on a stick to chase. But that’s me. No wait, make that chocolate cake on a stick. Now that I will run for. Screw the carrots.

And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if a Life Is Good tweet did not just pop up on my twitter feed to tell me to get over it and stop being such a grump…”Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Now I feel a smidgen of guilt but I refuse to delete! Refuse I say! *shakes fist in air defiantly*

New Year’s Resolutions…I was considering making some and then decided I’d have better luck keeping promises to myself if I don’t make any. Which when I write that out, makes no sense but in my rumblybumbly brain it does. I think I set goals that are too much of a stretch. I need to learn to work within that whole babysteps concept. Oh, speaking of New Years…know what else DRIVES ME TO THE BRINK OF HOMICIDE??? It is a sure thing that come Dec 31st that as I am leaving the office some moron will say…”see you next year!!” and then laugh at their brilliant originality. I need to go ahead and come up with a sarcastic comeback to that one. Suggestions welcome.

I mean really, I don’t know where she gets this from…Its such a mystery…

future miss priss?

20 Dec

So much has changed since I’ve last posted.

We are now in a new house on the other side of town, Christmas is coming I haven’t done the first thing as far as shopping, I’ve taken on a consulting gig, we’ve endured strep throat, stomach virus and colds/sinus infections, we’ve had some great friends come visit us, and kiddo is a completely different adorable little person. Most of the time. Ok, half of the time.

Peas ‘n Carrots.

this girl…

13 Nov

and it was

19 Sep

The Best Wedding Ever, I mean. For real. The ceremony took place in my parent’s front yard. Which, for the record, is not really your typical front yard. The driveway is a mile or so long, it’s in the woods, there’s a huge hill at the end of the driveway and my parents live in the “holler” at the bottom. 

Cars were parked at the end of the driveway and the guests were bused in. Yep, a wedding shuttle service. As soon as all guests were on site, the bridesmaids, bride, and flower girl hopped in the horse drawn wagon and were delivered to the top of The Hill. The groomsman made the trek up to us and we all walked down together through the trees to take our places. It was so pretty and different. We took our position in the circle and the bride made her grand entrance in the horse and wagon where her father helped her out and the ceremony began!

Sam was a great flower girl. She was pumped to ride in the horse wagon and walk down the big hill. I was so proud of her. We had practiced at home with cotton balls as petals and an old Halloween bucket for a basket.  She held The Accountant and my hand like a trooper and threw an appropriate amount of petals on the ground. She did get a bit restless and threw the basket toward the preacher but luckily it missed him and she went to sit quietly with Papa the rest of the ceremony. Ha.

The ceremony wasn’t too long, thank goodness. I loathe long weddings that drone on and on and you just want to tell the couple to get married already! The vows were short and sweet and a couple of songs were sung by a family friend. The unity sand ceremony was way cool. I’d never seen that before and it was really sweet.

The reception was killer. Tents with food and mass amounts of cake. A popcorn machine like the ones you see in concession stands (that was quite popular, all the popcorn was gone by the time I got a chance to try and get some. And you know that upset me!), a firepit for roasting hot dogs and excellent live music. Pictures were taken and then the bride and groom made their departure in the horse and wagon.

Big kudos to the wedding planner and both families for making it happen. Best.Wedding.Ever.


it just hit me

10 Sep

My little brother is getting married tomorrow. What’s that you say? Come again? My little brother is getting married tomorrow? I’ve been busy packing and ironing (I only iron when I’m severely stalling on the packing thing) but I just sat down to take a breather and it hit me. My little brother is getting married tomorrow. Wow.

Bro is three years younger than me so he’s no longer that kid who used to trade seriously hard arm punches with me and who I would get so irritated with that I would sigh and huff in exasperation and roll my teenaged girl eyes to the ceiling. He’s a grown man about to, gulp, get married to a great girl and friend. They really are the perfect pair.

Hey bro, remember that time I flew down The Hill on my bike and ran into you on your tricycle at the bottom? We had an oh-so-awesome-and-epic-crash and my parents still tell that story. I think that day gave Dad a few extra gray hairs because all he could do was watch it happen and wait for the aftermath. And remember your first haircut? I gave it to you with those plastic kiddie scissors we used to cut construction paper with. Mom was on the phone I think and I decided that your lovely curls needed a’trimming. And remember how on report card day mom and dad would buy us a box of Little Debbies and a soda and we’d have “report card parties”? And remember how when it snowed we’d get dad’s snow shovel and use it to sled down The Hill? And remember when dad used to take us to the Memphis Zoo and we’d get lost every single year?  And remember spending the weekends at gramma and grandpas and sliding in our sock feet through the kitchen and utility room Risky Business style? And how all the grandparents let us stay up until 10pm exactly and how grandpa would sit in his recliner and snore and I’d cast wary glances at his brass spittoon that looked so gross but smelled so good? Remember?

Now you have new memories to make, just like I’ve made new ones with my spouse. It’s a fun time little brother. Be a man, take care of her, treat her nice and buy her flowers every now and then. I love you.

It snowed last year too:  I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea.  ~Dylan Thomas

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