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What is Happening?

19 Jun

I posted this on Facebook today but wanted it here as well.

A good portion of my job is to be on Facebook and social media in general. Otherwise, I would find right now a good time to take a break, and I think it will serve me well to go ahead and limit the amount of time spent on my personal account going forward anyway.

I rarely speak out politically, but there comes a time when making your position known is necessary because your silence feels like acquiescence. I’m disheartened (to put it mildly…enraged and disgusted are the better descriptors) by so many things going on in the world right now. Atrocities supported and defended based on unsourced or twisted information, outright lies or misrepresentations, memes for Pete’s sake, or political party affiliations blindly followed into some sort of dogmatic effed up dystopian world that we are going to find difficult or impossible to return from. All of this is surreal. What is happening?

Before I head to the doctor for a refill on much-needed antidepressants (not sarcasm, that is seriously happening in about 2 hours) and crawl back under the covers to shun the world (also happening after the doctor), here are some links to educate, dispell a few prevalent myths, and maybe do some good in this hot mess of a society we find ourselves in these days.

  1. FACT CHECK: Was the ‘Law to Separate Families’ Passed in 1997 or ‘by Democrats’?
  2. MYTHS: 9 Myths About Trump’s ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policy
  3. HELP: Here’s How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border

Be a good human. We are so much better than this.

Photo by Roi Dimor on Unsplash

be kind

15 Jun

Differing viewpoints are fascinating aren’t they? Every argument has multiple facets and the people holding steadfast to their positions have different histories, experiences, and reasons for feeling as they do. Variety is the spice of life and makes the world go ‘round, right? If we all thought exactly the same way (or were forced to) it would be quite the boring world, or else an Orwellian one, neither of which are a desirable consequence. Whatever your position, BE KIND.

Thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers. How many times have we heard that phrase in the past few days and after every mass shooting? It’s a nice sentiment but it’s not working; it doesn’t work unless there is real and tangible action behind it. As well, I totally understand the frustration expressed by many of the hypocrisy of sending “thoughts and prayers” to a certain group of people but then passing discriminatory legislation targeting that same group or groups. While thinking, praying, legislating or actually DOING something about it, BE KIND.

People aren’t born with hate in their heart, they are taught it by someone. Hate and racism are learned behaviors. I have always believed that. I’ve also believed that a person’s beliefs and values may change over time as they have more experiences, get to know more people, venture outside of their bubble, and start thinking for themselves. Don’t be a sheep, BE KIND.

In spite of or because of all these things, I have unfollowed a good third of folks on social media because I can’t stomach the one-upmanship that seems to always rise to the surface after tragedies like Orlando or divisive legislation or politics in general. What becomes more important than being compassionate is being “right” and proving the other guy wrong. I completely understand why people like me, those who don’t like to argue, become politically apathetic and frankly, disgusted. Apathetic or not, argumentative or not, disgusted or not, pro-life vs pro-choice, anti-gun vs pro-gun, gay or straight, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, male or female, penguin or giraffe, we can all BE KIND.

We can also quibble all day long about what constitutes an “assault” weapon vs a “regular” rifle but honestly, I don’t care if it is a Barbie BB gun covered in pink polka-dots. Something is wrong here, so what is the harm in TRYING to make this better? Whether you are a responsible gun-toting citizen or a state representative giving away a gun or two at a community event, it doesn’t hurt you to be kind, compassionate and basically, not a douchebag. My sincere thank you to those who are conscientious members of society and handle their firearms in a sensible and safe manner. Please by all means, keep your guns as it IS your right to do so. But why is it so hard to show some compassion, some heart, and some open-mindedness?

My point in writing this is that all a y’all need to stop being assholes and just…BE KIND.

Wednesday, 11/05/14

5 Nov

When in doubt, use today’s date in lieu of a clever blog post title.

Today was much better, aIMG_20141105_210453_173 copyttention span wise. I got some things done that I’d been putting off and all was good. I have a couple of big meetings tomorrow that I’m antsy about but nothing I can’t handle I’m sure. Confidence is key. Or something like that. Some project shifting has occurred at the office and so far, this has been to my benefit. Because wanting to gouge my eyes out from boredom due to a project that was a bad fit? Not fun. Tolerable but not fun. Plus, now instead of one big project that consumes 90% of my time, my ADD brain is spread across multiple ones. As a girl who likes change and variety, this is right up my alley.

I am now officially a Mac user at home. Hallelujah! I have always been a PC girl until a new job a few years ago only used Macs. The learning curve was minimal and I found that Macs just fit my brain better. Of course, since then I’ve changed jobs and am back in PC-land, Cubicle Nation. Sigh. Can’t win for losing. Total first world problems I know. So anyway, I am happy to have a Mac for personal use and kiddo will inherit the antique Sony Vaio as soon as I wipe it.

This election thang that just happened…It fascinates me how people can interpret the same Amendment or law or book or anything, in so many different ways. Conviction and passion for what you believe in are wonderful things and I fully believe that our differences are what makes life great. If we all thought the same way life would be very 1984-like. Snooze-fest Central. Social science fascinates me and I love learning about why people think and feel the way they do about certain issues and talking to people with differing viewpoints. Must be why I like to sit back and watch the fireworks on Facebook or Twitter when polarizing issues in politics and religion come up. I saw this on someone’s page today and it just makes me laugh every time I read it…”I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns”. Snort.

Aaaaand I promised myself I’d be in bed by 10:00pm and here it is 10:03. Peas ‘n carrots all.


8 Sep

I think my head might burst open. I have a killer headache. Oy.

Hubs and a coworker had an “incident” on the interstate today. A car swerved to dodge a semitruck tire that was in the road and the tire flew up and hit his car. I haven’t seen it yet but apparently the car is busted up pretty badly but is drivable and they are ok, which is the important thing obviously.

I had chocolate chip cookies for supper tonight. I’m not telling you how many. Be jealous.

So I talked to my advisor today…I don’t have to start the application process all over again, even though I officially withdrew from school after having Sam. I just have to resubmit an application and I’m good to go. No application fee or anything. Easy peasy. So I guess I just need to decide if I really want to do this and stop being so wishy-washy. Eek.

Sam is progressing at day care. Today she slept on a cot instead of in her crib. They do this before they move the babies into the toddler rooms to get them used to the cots since that’s what they will be sleeping on when they move up. She did really good with it today. She’s also really close to walking! I’ll keep you posted on that one but I cannot wait to see her take her first steps. I’m sure I’m going to cry.

I think people need to chill with the politics crap. I don’t get why people get all worked up over other people’s difference of opinion. Me, I just worry about my own stuff, I vote and let others do the same. I mean what? You want everyone to think exactly as you do? Now where’s the fun in that? Whatever people. Calm down. You can’t change other people’s opinions or control what they do. Just worry about yourself and go have a doughnut or something. I’ve got some chocolate chip cookies I’ll share with you.

I’m going to start writing again. I mean really writing. But right now, I’m going to bed.


and once again

21 Jan

I’m behind on posting here, reading your wonderful blogs, emails, the  fitness challenge with the coolest sistas evah, and on sleep. Man I need a LONG nap like you wouldn’t believe! Will I ever sleep again? Ever??!?!!? Thankfully my mom came up for a few days this week and it was great. Mom’s are the best aren’t they? Sometimes I wish she’d just move in.

I didn’t get to see the inauguration live as the internet at work was crazy slow and wouldn’t let me on. So I gave up after a while and went back to making copies and punching holes. But it was easy enough to get caught up on all the Presidentialness of the day via the news later. I’m not a political animal but even I was caught up in the historic relevance of this election and inauguration. And like many others, I am hopeful. What a momentous event! Although I think my favorite part of all the festivities was seeing Obama do the bump. Seriously cute! Wait a sec, I think I may have a lil’ crush on the Prez. And wha…I just read that Obama got a do-over on the flubbed oath (Roberts fault). It’s crazy times people.

So while I may be behind on many things, I am up to speed on current events and keeping my kid sparkling clean.  See?


Oh come’on, you knew there’d be a baby pic in here somewhere.

what she said

5 Nov

I was trying to think of something eloquent and meaningful to say about the historic events of last night.  But as usual, when I try too hard my brain decides to pick that very moment to go on vacation to Tahiti so I’m left completely blank.

Then I read Danielle’s post and thought, “that’s what I mean to say”.  So instead of me saying it again, please just go here and read her excellent post on the whole business

Today I’ve heard stories of hate coming from people who can’t see past Obama’s race to even begin to see what a historic and meaningful thing that has just happened in our country.  At a stoplight today on the way to work I saw a van with multiple bumper stickers that were so full of bigotry and closed-mindedness that I was ashamed and disgusted to even live in the same county as that person.  I truly hope that Obama will be the kind of leader he has been touted to be, but only time will tell.  Regardless, he has already inspired millions and even though I didn’t give him my vote, I pray that God will lead him to make the best decisions possible for this country. 

As a sidenote: To the people who threatened to move out of the country if Obama was elected, go ahead and knock yourself out.  Or change your attitude.

we’re almost there folks

4 Nov

Wow, my focus is even more off than usual today.  It’s all the election hoopla.  Although I’m ready for this to be over with so we can move on, I’m very excited about it all.  I keep checking the news sites and wanting to get home to watch all the coverage.  Twitter has been invaluable in keeping me up to date on the latest happenings today.  I may be addicted.  I hope there is a clear cut winner tonight either way. 

And thus ends my election analysis. Brilliant ain’t it?

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