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Wednesday, 11/05/14

5 Nov

When in doubt, use today’s date in lieu of a clever blog post title.

Today was much better, aIMG_20141105_210453_173 copyttention span wise. I got some things done that I’d been putting off and all was good. I have a couple of big meetings tomorrow that I’m antsy about but nothing I can’t handle I’m sure. Confidence is key. Or something like that. Some project shifting has occurred at the office and so far, this has been to my benefit. Because wanting to gouge my eyes out from boredom due to a project that was a bad fit? Not fun. Tolerable but not fun. Plus, now instead of one big project that consumes 90% of my time, my ADD brain is spread across multiple ones. As a girl who likes change and variety, this is right up my alley.

I am now officially a Mac user at home. Hallelujah! I have always been a PC girl until a new job a few years ago only used Macs. The learning curve was minimal and I found that Macs just fit my brain better. Of course, since then I’ve changed jobs and am back in PC-land, Cubicle Nation. Sigh. Can’t win for losing. Total first world problems I know. So anyway, I am happy to have a Mac for personal use and kiddo will inherit the antique Sony Vaio as soon as I wipe it.

This election thang that just happened…It fascinates me how people can interpret the same Amendment or law or book or anything, in so many different ways. Conviction and passion for what you believe in are wonderful things and I fully believe that our differences are what makes life great. If we all thought the same way life would be very 1984-like. Snooze-fest Central. Social science fascinates me and I love learning about why people think and feel the way they do about certain issues and talking to people with differing viewpoints. Must be why I like to sit back and watch the fireworks on Facebook or Twitter when polarizing issues in politics and religion come up. I saw this on someone’s page today and it just makes me laugh every time I read it…”I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns”. Snort.

Aaaaand I promised myself I’d be in bed by 10:00pm and here it is 10:03. Peas ‘n carrots all.


6 Aug
  • My workouts haven’t happened in about a week. Remedied that tonight with a 5K run/walk. I didn’t eat well today and kind of lost energy and heart about midway through. Meh. Hot, humid, and slow, but done.
  • I got a direct message from our county library (or at least the social media person) that kind of made my day…”Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy having your feed sandwiched among the politicians and newscasters I follow.
  • We hired a housekeeper. First cleaning happening Thursday. I do not feel guilty for this and you can’t make me.
  • Bike window shopping got postponed until next week because, reasons. Although I might hit up a bike shop over the weekend just for kicks.
  • Met with big boss today. I think I make him nervous. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made a man nervous.
  • I am not perfect. I’m sorry. I flip out sometimes. I can’t just make my feelings disappear like poof. If I could, I would because that would be a super handy skill that I would use frequently.
  • Crossing fingers for a run in the park after work tomorrow. But for now, dreamland. Or at least laying horizontal while staring at the ceiling.

wildlife need social media too

5 Jul

barred_owlHave you ever stared into the eyes of a barred owl for any length of time? Its all blackness and wisdom and creepiness up in those eyes. I did that today, as well as watched someone hand feed grub worms to tiny chirping baby birds, saw a raccoon carcass laying on a table, observed at least fifteen injured box turtles being cared for, smiled at more baby raccoons than I’ve ever seen in one place, laughed at squirrels playing, was startled by a coyote and had an opossum smile at me. Among other things.

It was quite the adventure. I lived right down the road from this wildlife rehabilitation and education center for years and didn’t even know it existed. Its hidden away and the address isn’t publicized lest people just start dropping animals off at the doorstep. It looks rather rag tag but this place knows its stuff. They take in injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife and do all they can to rehab the animals to be re-released into the wild. Owls who’ve flown into cars, bunnies abandoned by their mothers, deer hit by vehicles, baby birds who’ve floundered, all sorts of situations. The people there work very hard for little reward other than the satisfaction of what they’re doing, and from an outsider’s view, they look extremely overwhelmed. Money is needed, volunteers are needed, space is needed, resources are needed.

I’m volunteering to help with their social media exposure and hope I can make at least a small difference in increasing the public’s general awareness about what they need and what interested people can do to help out. I was met with a bit of skepticism and wariness and do feel I have to prove myself. It seems people like the idea of volunteering but aren’t so keen on the follow through part and so they’ve experienced three or four social media volunteers who have since disappeared. The doubt in my longevity is justified and I’m determined not to disappoint.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

– Albert Einstein

too much

4 Sep

3:00 AM seems to be my time. My time to what, I don”t know exactly, just “my time”. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on kiddo’s floor (yet again) but here I am. Eating Honey Nut Cheerios from the box and struggling to remember my WordPress password because I don’t log in as much as I used to. I remembered it, obs. And dang, I am too old to be using terms like “obs”.

Part of the reason I haven’t posted much lately is that I am in this place where I’m extra conscious about what I put online. I’m kind of feeling a need to withdraw a bit and put less out there for reasons that I won’t go into here because, well, that would just be the ultimate irony wouldn’t it? Ha. Even though it is censored, sometimes life just seems too transparent when things are posted for the world to see if they stumble upon it or seek it out, either way. You never know who is reading and sometimes when you find out, its surprising. And just weird. There are options of course…the primary one is making this blog private, for my close friends and family only. Becoming less active or even deactivating Facebook, Twitter, etc. Maybe being extra conscious is enough but I don’t like the way that makes me feel. Constrained and limited. And y’all know how I hate to be constrained and limited. Repetitive themes my whole life.

And so, I sit here at 3:00AM and think about such things when it would probably be more productive to be prepping clothes and lunches for tomorrow to make my morning run smoother.

where have all the bloggers gone?

17 Jul

I updated my blogroll last night. I was kinda wowed and bummed at how many were defunct or had no new posts in months. Has Twitter killed the Blogger? Maybe its heading that way. With Facebook’s help of course. I know there are a gazillion blogs out there, but in my little circle of blogger buddies, the crowd seems to be thinning. It’s┬ájust an observation that I found interesting and started thinking about. Because I think a lot y’all.

For me, although I do the Twitter and Facebook thing for different reasons, blogging was really my first foray into the world of “social media” and one that I don’t see giving up anytime soon. That’s not to say that posting doesn’t suffer and become lighter as life intervenes and other things take up my time. But its nice to know that I have this place to come back to and put as little or as much of myself out there as I want.

And so I say, blog on people, blog on.

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