get ’em out, get ’em out, get ’em out

Kiddo’s first baseball game last night, as well as her first experience with cotton candy. She loved both. She cheered “Get’ em out get ’em out get ’em out” over and over again and danced and clapped and was quite the obnoxious little fan. The fireworks after the game were pretty great and kiddo was mesmerized. And exhausted. We got home at 11ish and she … Continue reading get ’em out, get ’em out, get ’em out

shoulda coulda woulda

I should stop eating these cheesy puffs. I should stop watching football and go to bed. I should iron The Accountant a shirt for tomorrow.  I should go run the dishwasher. But I won’t. HAHAHAHAHAHA….The Accountant is watching the Titans game and he just huffed and puffed and said “I’d pull my hair out if I had any”.  Why did that crack me up so much?  … Continue reading shoulda coulda woulda

no more kats

Looks like the Kats are gone again.  At a time when the Sommet Center management group is trying to prevent the loss of one tenant, it has lost another. Nashville Kats owner Bud Adams announced Wednesday that he decided to cease operations of the local Arena Football League team. Can’t say that I really have an opinion on this one as I never attended a … Continue reading no more kats

raining in pringles

Gotta love baseball right?  I journeyed to Jackson to meet up with Scout and my bro for Saturday night’s Diamond Jaxx and Huntsville Stars game at Pringles Park.  Who wouldn’t have a good time at a place called “Pringles Park”?  Love it. On the way down something very strange happened.  I noticed what appeared to be a liquified substance hitting my windshield.  I am pretty sure … Continue reading raining in pringles

afternoon at the ballpark

I am now the proud owner of a bright red Nashville Sounds hat and a sunburn to match.  Sounds beat the Round Rock Express today, 5-2.  I will definitely be back at the ballpark this summer.  Here’s Scout and her sis before the sunburn…. The action… Ozzie and friends…. More action… Please ignore my goofy hairdo and buckteeth.  The hairdo’s purpose was to keep my ears from burning off and … Continue reading afternoon at the ballpark

bowled over

Back from our day’s journeys.  More about that later maybe. Vanderbilt won a national championship today.  For women’s bowling.  Did you even know they had a bowling team?  I saw it on the news just now and was like, seriously?  So a big congrats to them!  I had no idea.  Continue reading bowled over

basketball obsession and miscellany

The weekend Scout and I did what all women do when the menfolk are away.  We watched March Marchness for hours on Saturday afternoon and then went to a hockey game.  Most woman would do the same thing when they have a weekend to themselves right? Or maybe that’s just us.  Heh.  During our basketball viewing marathon we discussed our hatred of “booty cooters”, I tried to explain the meaning … Continue reading basketball obsession and miscellany


Wow, I’ve really not had much to talk about here lately.  I’ve honestly been considering ditching this blog because I’m not so sure of it’s purpose anymore.  Maybe I’m just in one of my funks and will get over it soon, I dunno.  So just to post something, however useless, I will type at random for a while, hit “publish” and get to bed.   Today is my … Continue reading randomness