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i should be sleeping

21 Aug

Its after midnight and I should be sleeping. But its a full blue moon and my brain is whirling. Today was busy and somewhat annoying but it ended better than it began I guess. I started off weepy and weird and missing a friend and worrying about some very serious family health issues. I’m still all of those things but I don’t have control over much of anything it seems.

Workouts are still happening, I just haven’t been posting about them. And this is not one of those “if it didn’t go on the blog, it didn’t happen” kind of things. I’ve gotten in a couple of great rides on the bike, a couple of runs, and a couple of gym times. I’m loving the Trekster. I just need to get some bike shorts because my butt y’all…sore. The Accountant has taken nicely to it as well and has taken it out on the road for a couple of 12 milers. So far, I’ve stuck to the neighborhood and the greenways and those are good enough for me for now. I’m also taking the motorcycle out on weekends to practice and not lose my mad biker chick skilz. I’m sticking to the neighborhood streets so far and getting some good practice in on turns and clutch control. Being on it is such a great feeling.

trekster1Kiddo is doing ok with the school thing but it is such a hard adjustment. She is so very exhausted at the end of the day and is practically begging to go to bed. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration but not by much; its a huge change for all of us. The Accountant has been taking her to school in the morning this week and I’m picking her up from her after school program. I will admit that I like having my mornings to myself and enjoying a quiet house and the freedom to walk the dog or work out in the AM. The solo commute is still strange but nice. I think I might be a hermit at heart. The fundraising crap is already annoying me though. Two already that we are supposed to be doing. Can’t they just charge me a “public school users fee” at the beginning of the year and just be done with it?

If you are into praying, my family could use some big ones right now. Otherwise, good vibes and positive thoughts are appreciated.

I have the itch to plan a trip. #random

To bed for me.

Yesterday’s workout

29 Jul

Because you care.

I decided to give the foot another day off. Plus, I’m scared I will go crazy if I run on it and it acts ugly so I’m delaying expected disappointment. Such a great attitude I have, I know.

Anyway, the gym was good for me as it always is. Mind clearing and blood pumping and stress reducing. Good stuff!

Tonight…an attempted run I hope.

0:23:15.3 || 1.3 mi || 17:21.5 min/mi || flat

Cycling (stationary):
0:45:00 || 10.6 mi || 3.5 %

Machine Seated Row:
30 lb x 10 reps
30 lb x 10 reps
30 lb x 10 reps

Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown:
20 lb x 20 reps
20 lb x 20 reps
20 lb x 20 reps

Machine Bicep Curls:
20 lb x 3 reps
10 lb x 10 reps
10 lb x 10 reps
10 lb x 10 reps

Machine Chest Press:
30 lb x 10 reps
30 lb x 10 reps
30 lb x 10 reps

Leg Extensions:
20 lb x 10 reps
20 lb x 10 reps
20 lb x 10 reps

Seated Leg Curl:
30 lb x 12 reps
30 lb x 12 reps
30 lb x 12 reps


25 Jul

I managed a decent cross training workout at the gym last night. See? Yeah, I know. Arm strength is pretty sad.

Tonight, we run.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 10.22.09 AM

this post has no title

18 Jul

A friend took this picture of me and told me to post it on my blog. So here you go Liam, you weirdo. You owe me a latte. Heh.

Favorite DressToday has been ultra long for some reason. I did get to meet my college roommate from back in the day for lunch. She is uber smart. Like a rocket scientist researcher surgeon professor genius or something like that. She has a couple of kiddos now and we got to catch up on our lives post college and post the couple of bridal/baby showers and one kiddo birthday party where we saw each other a few years ago. Funny how people lose touch so easily because, life.

Restless. Shocker, I know. I have pent up energy or something. Irritated and antsy. Clear calendar tomorrow. Who wants to do lunch?

Know what I can do tonight? Fall asleep whenever I dern well please guilt-free because I got my run in already! Woo!

UPDATE: This was in my Drafts to finish and post last night but guess what campers? See paragraph above. Guilt free too because I’d ran yesterday morning. Tonight will be a gym or work out at home night I think.

I need to update my blogroll. There are lots of running blogs I’m reading now, some mommy blogs, health stuff, etc. Maybe I need categories. And many of the ones in the current blogroll are defunct.

Text this morning from my sister-in-law…”Write asap! It’s become a highlight of the day. :)” Made me smile. So here ya go sis, your daily highlight!

body betrayed

14 Jul

I’ve rested my foot for the past three days. Two of those days I rested completely and cross-trained on the other one. Today it was time to get back out there.

I walked the dog first and got in a 1.4 mile warm up. Then ran/walked 3.4 more miles. It wasn’t pretty. I got through most of it but my body and brain shut down and refused to run anymore about 3/4 of the way in. I get why it happened. It was a combination of things that if I list, will only sound like excuses. Bottom line, I’m not taking care of my body and it is telling me so. I cannot be the best runner I can be if I don’t stop treating myself like crap. Its a self-worth thing and I know that. I’m not sure why there are so many times when I don’t think I’m worth taking care of…when I think I’m not good enough to treat myself well and healthily.

On the plus side, I love my Garmin 405 Forerunner. I am able to easily set up my intervals online, transfer them to the Garmin, and hit the road without worrying about using my phone as my time tracker. The Garmin beeps when its time to switch from walking to running and includes my warm up and cool down. I transfer the workout stats to my Garmin Connect account online and have my progress tracked like magic. I seriously love technology.

Another plus was that my foot did ok. I’m wondering if the treadmill is the culprit. I’m sure my stride, rhythm, and breathing are different on the treadmill. Something to consider. Anyway, I’m keeping an eye on it and hoping for the best.

sunburnAs for tomorrow, I’m not sure if I’ll repeat today’s run or go to the gym or both. Bedtime for now though.

Oh, one more thing…always wear sunscreen kids. It’s part of taking care of your bod. I’m not proud of these shoulders right now, although the freckles are kind of cute.

cue annie lenoxx broken glass song

12 Jul

Because I win at life lately, I just spilled a bunch of tea inside the refrigerator and on the floor. Even better, I dropped a glass and it shattered into a million shards of feet shredding danger bits all over the tile floor. I vacuumed but shoes would be a good idea in the kitchen until I can mop and re-vacuum tomorrow. Thought you should know. For those of you coming over for breakfast or whatever.

Ok, enough about my clumsiness. Today was rather weird but instead of discussing that, I’ll just tell you what I did like a good lil’ blogger.

The Accountant was off work today as well and took kiddo to school so I got to sleep in. Heaven. I miss sleeping in so much. I remember before kiddo I’d sleep in till 11 or 12 noon. Heaven. But I digress…

Then it was off to my favorite wildlife rehabilitation place for a meeting with the animal care director. This lady might be one of the most passionate and committed people I’ve ever met. I envy that so much. Knowing that you are doing what you are meant to be doing with your life. Again, digression. I didn’t get a chance to talk with her much at my first visit and this was very productive and she gave me a lot of additional insights into their most dire needs. Which are pretty much volunteers and funding. The lack of serious and committed volunteers is astounding compared to what is needed to suitably run the place. I plan to do what I can to help with the social media but now I’m also hoping to volunteer in other aspects as well. Getting my hands dirty for sure.

Gym time this afternoon was good, if a bit rushed. I took a rest day yesterday and today was cross training. I got in 18.5 miles on the bike, upper body work, and various crunches. I have my Garmin all set up with the running intervals I’m slated to do tomorrow but I’m going to see how the foot feels and will lay off another day or two if necessary. I have connected with a good running group on Facebook set up by a friend of mine from high school and made up of a lot of people from my home county and beyond. We post our runs and progress, local races and results, and general support. Its nice to have that right now. I would like to connect and get involved with the running group in my current city, I just need to do it.

The weekend is pretty jammed with activities to keep minds and bodies busy so I expect the next couple of days to fly by. I welcome that.

training and reading happened, friday plans

8 Jul

Not feeling quite so lame for hitting the snooze button and missing my run this morning because I just did it. Day 1 complete. I’m a hot sweating stinky mess of a girl right now. My training program called for 4 min running/1 min walking for a total of 45 min, plus warm up and cool down. That netted me 3.52 miles. Done and done. Plus I walked the dog another 1.3 miles after. Take that you sneaky snooze button. Tomorrow is a cross training day so I’ll hit the gym and do some arm work and maybe cycle a bit. Onward.

bookI finished The Thirteenth Tale today. It was quite good but not super fantastic like I was expecting. There was a nicely done twist at the end which quieted some doubts I’d had about midway through. I hope to finish Slaughterhouse-Five tomorrow as well. I’m listening to it on audiobook and only have about an hour and a half to go. I’m finding that one a bit difficult and one of those novels that I feel like I “should” like because its all deep and intellectual. Reading reviews and other people’s analysis does help me to understand it a bit better and more clearly see where Vonnegut was coming from. Next I’m moving onto much lighter fare in the form of Tina Fey’s Bossypants. And then I think maybe Chi Running, which I’ve had borrowed from a friend for ages now and I think this is the time to read it. And Let’s Pretend This Never Happened…because, hilarity. SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME!!!!

I will be heading back out to the wildlife rehab/education place on Friday to spend some more time with the Animal Care Director for a more in depth tour and discussion about what their needs are and her expectations. Emails have been heavy over the past few days between myself and administration and I’m pretty jazzed about what I can do to help them out. And they, in turn, are helping me out in ways they don’t even realize. This is good for my brain. I wish I could take my dad out there. I think he would love it. Maybe soon.

And now methinks it’s time for a shower and sleep.

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