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11 Dec

Sick. I really wish someone would bring me some warm gooey chocolate chip cookies today. I’m home sick with a fever, cough, etc etc and I say screw the chicken noodle soup, cookies are where its at. Anyway, mutter mutter growl. At least I should be over it in plenty of time to enjoy the holidays. Bright spot.

Ugly. The news these days y’all. People are so inScreen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.14.13 PMcredibly evil. Of course, the media skews things like crazy but there is no denying that people are asshats to the extreme. The girl in MS who was burned alive…I can’t even. The parole hearing that recently brought the horrific kidnapping, torture, and murders of a Knoxville couple back into the news. And so many other things that happen every day. Racism, riots, chaos. People are so very angry. ūüė¶ It is so easy to get consumed by it all if you let it. Countering all of this with the positive/good/beautiful things in life is a must.

Kid. Alright, on to happier topics. My kid of course. Heh. She has a Christmas dance recital this weekend which should be fun. I have no idea what her costumes are or what songs she’s dancing to so this will be a nice surprise for momma. Speaking of surprises, I thought we were going to escape it but kiddo mournfully asked The Accountant the other day why the Elf on the Shelf hadn’t visited her house yet. Apparently ALL her friends have elves and even her classroom at school. Grrrrr. I have an unreasonable hatred for that thing but she was SO bummed and we were at risk of having the whole Santa thing come crashing down, so I caved and we have now been invaded by Snowy the Elf. I am not proud of this. But kiddo thinks it fabulous and so here we are. I have put my foot down somewhat and am just moving it around the house. None of this time consuming clever elf scenario crap or posting its antics on social media. Ok ok, the first night I DID make an elf snow angel on the counter in sugar, but that is IT. So there.

Friends. I had a really good friend back in high school and college who I’d lost touch with over the past few years. We went to different high schools but attended the same church and would have sleepovers at each others houses and go on shopping trips, lots of teenage cruising around town, scoping out boys…all of that fun stuff. I moved away and we each got married. We kept in touch until the babies came and then life got busy. I sent her a Christmas card last year which got returned, so this year I made a point to hunt her down. I found her via some internet stalking research and we’ve been emailing this week! Its so great to reconnect! Keep your friends close and make them a priority because they are one of the best things in life and it sucks to lose them. I’m SO happy I found her again! Totally made my week.

Books. I’m reading some really good books lately. I have a list going on Goodreads of ones recommended by friends and some I just want to read for myself. Apparently I am missing out by not reading Neil Gaiman, according to a few friends. I’m not too far into The Ocean at the End of the Lane but so far I am really liking it. Also throwing in some Buddhism, some self help, some health related, and lots more fiction. Reading is good for the soul I say.

Bed. Ok, its back to bed for this sick girl.

people watching

1 Sep

I love to watch people. No one is as they seem. The news of Wade Belak’s apparent suicide this week reminds me of that simple and yet very complex fact. From all appearances a happy-go-lucky guy with a beautiful family, great career, the whole nine. And yet, some people just have demons that no one can fathom until something like this happens and we are just left to wonder the what’s and the why’s of it all.

And so I watch people and wonder about them. What are their lives like, where are they from, what do they do, why are they wearing that horrible outfit, etc.

Its not always such serious contemplating on my part. For example, yesterday at the gym I watched a Pilates class get out and a couple of very attractive girls exit the studio. But I didn’t watch them. I watched a nearby man watch the girls as they left. He didn’t see me but I saw his eyes rove, the lingering look. Boys are so easy. One day I’m going to catch the man’s eye after he’s leered a little too long and I’m going to let him know that he’s been busted. It makes me laugh because we’ve all done it, he’s just being human. Its just funny and interesting to be an outside observer in that little slice of time when someone else is being real.

I sometimes wonder if people watch me the same way. I think about how I see myself and I know that it’s different from how others see me. Kind of like when you hear your recorded voice and it doesn’t sound anything like what you hear when you talk. I’d like to think that I appear to others as the confident, sure of herself woman that I’d like to be but I don’t think that is probably the case. But that’s ok. Because really I guess it doesn’t matter how others see you, it only matters how you see yourself. Even if its a little blurry.

just me…talking about stuff

13 Jan

First and most importantly, the earthquake in Haiti…horrible, tragic, unimaginable…things like this put my silly whining and craziness into severe perspective. You can donate at several places but two of my favs are the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

Speaking of¬† things these tragedies put into perspective, I keep hearing all these rumblings about some guy named Lane Kiffin leaving TN and heading to Cali? Now I wouldn’t give you two cents for Vols football and I haven’t¬†followed any of the details and don’t know any of the ins and outs…but here’s my take anyway because this is my blog…lets just say that I get a job offer in Knoxville, TN or a job offer in sunny SoCal…personally, I’m on the next plane west. See ya. The end.

The Leno/Conan saga…again, don’t care much about this either. But for the record, I love Leno, and am not a Conan fan. And I think I’m in the minority but I usually am. So there’s that.

Foursquare…I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in. Really. I won’t. Do not attempt to persuade me either. I shall not be moved.

My mother will be happy to hear that my partner-in-crime and I have been shot down when it comes to getting the dress code changed at the workplace to allow nose piercings.¬†Lame corporate snots and their so-called professionalism. They wouldn’t get personal expression if it¬†punched them in their pot bellies.

Let’s end on a happy note shall we? Happy Note. (You can so hire me for your next party if you need a corny comedian.)


21 Mar

What about that stingray that killed the woman in Florida? 

Talk about bizarre.  You just never know do you? 

trying to make sense of it

17 Apr

And so….the VT shootings.¬† I’ve read so many blog posts about this and listened to the talking heads babble on with so much analysis and speculation that I can’t comprehend it all.¬† And of course, no time has been wasted on entering¬†into¬†2nd Amendment political issues that I don’t have the brain power or the¬†desire¬†to comment on very much¬†at the moment.¬†

One thing that bothers me is that the media frenzy, finger pointing and punditry¬†will continue until the next big story comes along and then I fear it will be just another mark on a calendar of various tragedies in this country.¬† But perhaps I’m being too cynical.¬†

Now that we have¬†a face and a name of the shooter, does that help¬†with the healing?¬† Perhaps it gives the tragedy¬†a¬†sense of sick tangibility in some strange¬†way.¬† I can’t help but think that the gun issue is not the root of the problem.¬† Yes, crazy people with guns¬†are disasters waiting to happen but I still don’t think even that is the root but rather a symptom of something deeper.¬† What made Cho Seung-Hui¬†feel the need or desire to end all of¬†those lives?¬†¬†What causes a person to sink so far down into the depths of depression and hopelessness that they commit such atrocities?¬† I doubt we’ll ever know the full extent of his deep-seated mental problems.¬† But perhaps gun control is an easier¬†and more concrete agenda item¬†to toss about the political ballfield than mental health issues.¬† I just don’t know.

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