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current musical influences

10 Mar

Thanks to a friend for sending me a CD of The Laurie Berkner Band. Mom and daughter both love it! Kiddo is currently in love with this song in particular. I’ll look at her, wiggle my fingers and say “I’m gonna get you, you better run” and she giggles, takes off running through the house laughing her head off while I chase her and sing-song “I’m gonna get you, here I come”!

And I am pretty sure she has a toddler crush on Twist from The Fresh Beat Band. She’ll say “Beat Band” and point to the tv and make sure I know that “that Twist”. The best part, she does the “Great Day” dance complete with the hip-hop-crossing-of-the-arms-assume-cool-stance move at the end. Cracks me up. One day I’ll capture that on video to embarrass her with later.

Photo from here.

21 Sep

I seem to have crawled into a hole here lately and haven’t been in much of a hurry to climb out. I owe several friends emails or phone calls and have just been withdrawn in general. Sometimes I have a tendency to shut down within certain circles. I’m so weird. There’s one big reason for it and many smaller ones.

and….here we are again. the above was written a day ago. now its 4 am and i’ve been awake since 2:30. that’s how i roll i guess. the good news is that i’ve answered 2 emails that were long overdue. here’s the thing. i’m unorganized and i procrastinate. and i am waiting for something to happen that is taking longer than i thought and still might not even happen at all. in which case i will probably disappear again. there’s just…stuff. and there is a very annoying bare minerals infomercial on right now that makes me want to throw the remote at the tv. by the way, i’m hungry and am clean out of poptarts and diet coke. must restock tomorrow, er, later today.

eh. peace out.

changes, they are a comin’

21 Aug

This chick on House Hunters is looking for a townhouse in Toronto. The one before, the couple was looking for a vacation home in Napa Valley. This show is like crack for me. It sucks me in and won’t let me go. Both of these episodes are reruns but I watch them anyway.

House stuff is happening. We’re cleaning, decluttering, purging and packing like wildfire up in here. Ok, maybe not wildfire. More like smoldering coals, but progress is being made. I took a ton of baby stuff to consign this weekend. Strollers, pack ‘n play, swing, clothes. All I can say is, birth control pill? Don’t fail me now! The Accountant made awesome progress on the basement too, among other things.

I had an interview Friday. It was intense but promising. But then, I’ve said that before and have been crushed. So who knows. Afterward, I did my typical routine where I replay it all in my head and wonder why I said certain things and didn’t say others, why I answered one question that way and another question another way, why I laughed at that particular moment and stammered at another. Second Guesser is my middle and last names. But I walked away from it knowing that I was completely myself, honest and open and just…me. As dorky as that is. And so, I wait.

Ohhhhhh, now Color Splash Miami is on. I love me some David Bromstad. Ciao.

guilty pleasures

15 Mar

Ms. Dani did a post about her guilty pleasures and I thought it was nifty so I’m totally stealing it. So here are some of my guilty pleasures…the ones I’ll admit to anyway. What? I can’t divulge everything people.

  • Pop Tarts. Its not a secret that I must have a low-fat brown sugar cinnamon poptart and a diet coke to start my day. If I happen to be out of this sugary treat, well, I don’t like to talk about that. Oh, and I microwave them instead of using the toaster. I’m a rebel like that.
  • My Hair. I’m somewhat of a hair snob. I don’t spend money on girlie things like getting my nails done, pricey brands of makeup, pedicures, expensive shoes or clothes, etc. But I will drop a hefty dollar or two getting my hair did on a regular basis. And it has to be funky. Nothing boring. Short, choppy, red, purply, plum, platinum highlights, blue, whatever. Just gimme whatcha got. I bore easily and am not afraid to rock a crazy fun hairdo.
  • HGTV. I watch a LOT of HGTV. I love the decorating and design shows. I like seeing a room go from bland to va-va-va-voom!!! And the real estate shows….My favorite is House Hunters. Ohmagoodness. I could watch that show all day. It appeals to my wanderlust and so I live vicariously through those lucky people who are getting to choose between three fabulous new residences or vacation homes.
  • Improper Grammar. Count me in as one of those people who writes like I talk and doesn’t apologize for it. Misspellings, slang, regional dialects, putting periods and parentheses in the wrong places, overuse of the ellipsis… I say don’t stifle the creativity with pointless rules. Heck, don’t stifle ME with too many rules. Its like making your bed in the morning, only to get back into it that night. Wasted effort. But that’s just me.

I’m sure I have tons more but these are the four I came up with off the top of my head (maybe I should add cliches to the list, oh wait, that goes in the grammar section huh?).


this happened to me today & i was super bummed

15 Jan

know what i hate? when oatmeal raisin cookies fool me and i think they’re chocolate chip cookies and i buy them looking forward to a yummy snack only to discover the awful truth when i bite into a perfectly good grape that has been shriveled up and is all wrinkly and chewy and sticks in my teeth. that sucks.

just had to get that out.

in other news, poor sick baby sam is waking up about every hour crying. one of us goes in and holds her for a few minutes and she goes back to sleep. rinse and repeat. hubs and i are exhausted zombie-like creatures stumbling around with bleary eyes and furrowed brows. this too shall pass i know and there are worse things. much worse. it just hurts me that she hurts and i just want her to be well and happy. oh, and not hit me with wooden alphabet blocks. and lets be honest, it also hurts me that i just want to dream the impossible dream and sleep for three days straight but can’t. ha. 

i would totally be in bed right now but my sheets are in the dryer and they are my favorite set so i don’t want to put any others on the bed. and so i sit here watching house hunters and picturing myself on that show searching for the perfect flat in paris and waiting for my sheets to dry. isn’t that a song? “waiting for my sheets to dry”? oh wait, no, it’s not. i just googled it and if you can’t find it on google, it doesn’t exist.

if you read this crap you must be really bored. g’night. sleep some for me.

just me…talking about stuff

13 Jan

First and most importantly, the earthquake in Haiti…horrible, tragic, unimaginable…things like this put my silly whining and craziness into severe perspective. You can donate at several places but two of my favs are the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

Speaking of  things these tragedies put into perspective, I keep hearing all these rumblings about some guy named Lane Kiffin leaving TN and heading to Cali? Now I wouldn’t give you two cents for Vols football and I haven’t followed any of the details and don’t know any of the ins and outs…but here’s my take anyway because this is my blog…lets just say that I get a job offer in Knoxville, TN or a job offer in sunny SoCal…personally, I’m on the next plane west. See ya. The end.

The Leno/Conan saga…again, don’t care much about this either. But for the record, I love Leno, and am not a Conan fan. And I think I’m in the minority but I usually am. So there’s that.

Foursquare…I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in. Really. I won’t. Do not attempt to persuade me either. I shall not be moved.

My mother will be happy to hear that my partner-in-crime and I have been shot down when it comes to getting the dress code changed at the workplace to allow nose piercings. Lame corporate snots and their so-called professionalism. They wouldn’t get personal expression if it punched them in their pot bellies.

Let’s end on a happy note shall we? Happy Note. (You can so hire me for your next party if you need a corny comedian.)


2 Nov

Another weekend bites the dust.  Boo. 

I am soooooo sick of all the election mumbo-jumbo.  Seriously, can we just get this over with please?  I’m glad I early voted so I don’t have to worry about getting to the polls on time or fighting the crowds.  For once I did something ahead of time and didn’t procrastinate.  Go me.  Saturday Night Live = hilarity.

I heard Sam laugh for the first time today.  A for real, genuine, unmistakable laugh.  It was so cute!  The Accountant was making faces and being goofy and she LOVES it.  I don’t want to wish this baby stage away but I am really excited to watch her progress through all those “firsts” stages.  It is so amazing.

I’ve noticed that a few of my fellow bloggers are taking part in NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo.  The later one scares the pants off of me so I will not attempt that one.  But I do think I will semi-try to do NaBloPoMo but only unofficially.  I don’t like to put that kind of pressure on myself.  Ha.  If you are wondering why I am speaking in tongues, NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month and you are supposed to post on your blog every day in November.  Sounds easy right?  We’ll see.  So I’m going unofficial so I don’t feel any guilt if I miss a day or two.  NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month and this one is a bit more complicated.  Bottom line – get words on paper and come away with a novel in November.  I think the goal is 50,000 words?  I’m working up to this one.  For me the key is “don’t think, just write”.

Daylight savings time….meh.  Not a fan really.  Why are we messing with the clock?  I’ll get used to it, I always do.  I never get an extra hour of sleep though because I’m always calculating in my mind “ok, it’s 11:00 old time which means it’s really only 10:00 new time so I can stay up an hour later and it will all be the same to my internal timeclock”.  I’m a fan of psychological games I guess.  (Randomness – is “timeclock” a legit word? Doesn’t the word clock denote the concept of time so using the two words together seems silly, right? Yes, I am crazy.)

Titans game – woohoo!  8 – 0!!!  Scout ventured to the game and I think she got her money’s worth! 

Mike Huckabee and Bill Maher are arguing about religion on Fox News right now.  Very interesting.  I have to hand it to both of them, the conversation is quite civil.  Discussion is a good thing.

It just hit me today that we are about to be bombarded with Christmas “stuff”.  I was in Kroger this afternoon and they were putting up the tree and stocking (heh, no pun intended, really) the seasonal aisle.  For the first time in several years, we will be putting up a tree!  We put one up the first few years we lived in our house but then decided it was too much trouble and such a pain to take down.  But now that we have Sami, I feel like it’d be a travesty to not put one up, even though she won’t remember this one or care one way or the other.  But I’ll bet she will like the lights though.  I’m thinking the weekend of Thanksgiving…

Ok, must get all my junk together for tomorrow.  Ciao.

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