My brain hurts today from all the things. Kiddo has gotten three green marks in a row. Hollah! I think I’ll go have lunch with her at school tomorrow. And then get my oil changed. And then workout. And I’d like to nap. Meeting potential new babysitter next week. Holiday weekend. No plans. Lunch with a friend today was super nice. I wanna ride motorcycle … Continue reading bulleted

monday randoms

Not feeling so great today. I am right now literally forcing myself to drink a bottle of water and eat a banana when I would rather not eat at all. But there’s that whole needing nutrients issue so you can function like a human being. So annoying. You know that thing where someone says “ok, try NOT to think about a zebra?” And so now … Continue reading monday randoms

Feeling exhausted and very sad today. Its amazing how quickly feelings can do a 180 on you sometimes. And my fat belly this dress makes me look pregnant. On the plus side, my hair looks ok and I’m tall. Grasping at straws here folks. Sometimes distractions are not enough. Continue reading

my next post will be happy, I promise

A dear friend sent this article to me and I wanted to share. I cried and sniffled through it because that’s how I roll. But more than just tear-inducing, I found it to be succinct,  powerful, and more than a little refreshing. Finding God in a Little White Pill It occurred to me that I’ve been posting a lot about depression and sadness and yada … Continue reading my next post will be happy, I promise

I should never cook. Or watch Barbie movies.

That breakfast recipe? It did not end well. I’m going to assume the eggs were bad. And that’s all I want to say about that. Date night didn’t happen, due to the egg episode. Kiddo and I watched a Barbie/PopStar movie instead. I don’t really want to talk about that either. The kidster was being exceptionally sweet and goofy though, and we laughed a lot. … Continue reading I should never cook. Or watch Barbie movies.

I just read this in my journal and it made me cry. Its like I need someone’s permission to be happy…someone’s blessing of sorts. Its so weird. And it makes me angry. Why am I hinging my own happiness on others? Why can’t I make my own way, make my OWN happiness? Is it because I’m a kind person who puts others before myself in … Continue reading

Today I…

Controlled my snark and took the high road. Wore Elvis guitar earrings. Got up early to work out. Called 911 for a coworker. Had a really good meeting that made me feel positive. Set up a lunch date with a friend at a fancy restaurant. Did not have that red velvet cupcake. Did have a cinnamon and brown sugar mini bagel. Wore boots that hurt … Continue reading Today I…

mish mash

BFF from high school coming to town tomorrow. Looking forward to hanging with her. It’s been ages and ages. We are opposites so it will be interesting. That whole “It Takes A Village” thing? B.S. My gramma moved into an assisted living facility Friday. It was time but still, its kind of sad. I just painted my nails and did a really horrible job. Its … Continue reading mish mash

I just made pasta salad and was folding laundry until the internet sucked me in. It’s 4 am. I had a list. You know, a MUST GET THIS DONE ASAP BECAUSE YOU PROCRASTINATED AS USUAL list. And then I fell asleep in kiddo’s floor at 9pm and the next thing I know, well, it’s 4am and I’m making pasta salad and folding laundry. And it’s … Continue reading

i’m awake

Thinking of places I want to go. Daydreaming in the wee hours of the morning while my house sleeps is one of my favorite pastimes you know. Wondering about that whole “everything happens for a reason” bull crap. I’ve always been on the fence about that one. At 2:05 AM on August 14, 2012, I’ve decided that its complete B.S. So there. Position taken. Book … Continue reading i’m awake