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17 Aug

walkingWe’re back from Paris and wow, what an adventure, learning experience, stress-filled, magical, amazing, and frustrating time it was. I definitely consider myself a more seasoned traveler after this trip! I’ll post more about it all later including some of my favorite photos.

My love for the city remains firmly intact and even deeper than before. As this was our second trip there, the newness was gone and it was nice to feel somewhat more connected to our surroundings, if that makes any sense. For instance, we were much more comfortable communicating with people and dealing with the language issues. The concern of getting lost was mostly non-existent; we took the metro everywhere and covered so much territory using public transportation that it made getting back into a car once we got home seem really strange. Sure, it still felt like we had a big “‘Murica” stamped on our foreheads but it was much easier to feel at ease and as if we could actually integrate and fit in with the flow of the city, given enough time.

Kiddo did great staying home with my mom but the little one missed us a ton and vice versa. She and I were attached at the hip more than usual today and you better believe that I enjoyed every cuddle. I have one more day off tomorrow, albeit a very busy one, before heading back to the day job on Tuesday.

So, sleepy time for me. Bonne nuit!

itinerary for the next week

7 Aug

Its been a long wait to return to La Ville-Lumière but it is finally here and The Accountant and I leave tomorrow evening! This trip is in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary earlier in the summer, and is the perfect excuse to return to Paris (not that you need an excuse). We’ll leave Nashville on Friday (tomorrow) and arrive in Paris on Saturday afternoon, which will be like experiencing a bizarre time-warp. We will have some time to defeat jet lag and get settled in before joining up with a small group of fellow travelers on Sunday.

Our plans are as such…


St. George Island fun

21 May

A few of my favorite photos from last week’s vacation.

FamilySam Beach Collage

Hi blog

17 May

I’m still around, just busy with various and sundry. I feel like I am not consistent with anything except being inconsistent. Does that count for anything? I’m guessing not.

We just returned from our annual family vacation. This time we shook things up a bit and headed to St. George Island, FL instead of our usual Panama City. It was LOVELY. I do think we will go back there in years to come. Kiddo loved it as well, although she made a funny comment on the way home and announced that she wanted to go to Africa for vacation next year. I do hope she inherited a bit of my wanderlust and takes any opportunities she can to exercise it.

I’m off work until Wednesday so the extra few days to reenter “real life” will be nice.

Ciao for now.

down time

16 Aug

It’s almost midnight on a work night and I know I should be in bed. Tomorrow is well, tomorrow, and I will stumble through it in what has come to be my normal zombie-like state. I’m having trouble getting to bed before this time lately. I just feel like this time of night is the only time I get time for me to be alone, decompress from the day and just be.

I have so much swirling around in my head these days. I just wish you could quiet your mind like you can quiet your body. Get your brain to drink some hot chocolate, burrow down under a quilt and just stop thinking for one minute. Stupid brain.  

The big things going on right now (each deserving of their own post) are my brother’s upcoming wedding next month (yay!), putting our house on the market and all that entails, finding another house and moving across town (ahhhhhhh), massive future job changes and current job stresses (this is really getting to me), the constantness of kiddo (wow, they really don’t go away do they? i keed i keed), and hoping to fit a mini-vacation in somewhere among all of this (yes please).

And then there are the things I’d like to do just for me. I want to write more. I have blog posts and poems and just silly things I’d like to get down on paper or on the screen. I have a list of books longer than a jumbo roll of toilet paper that I’d love to read. Friends I’d like to see, letters to write, scrapbooks to make, etc etc etc. Maybe when I retire.  So here I sit, thinking about all of this while my dog lays at the foot of the couch and chews on the stinkiest hoof ever. Ugh, dude, go away with that thing.

My brain and I are off to bed now.  After I spray the dog with Febreeze.

happiness is…

29 Mar

I’ve been charged to pen a post about something that makes me happy. I could have chosen many things, family-friends-kiddo-books-fresh flowers-chocolate…but honestly, the first thing that came to mind was traveling. A lot. Everywhere. New places new people new everything.

Favorite destination #1? the Rick Steves tour we took of Europe in 2006. Several countries, never staying in the same one over two days. It was a whirlwind. And honestly, the perfect trip. Amazing, dreamlike, unbelievable.

Here’s the postcard I mailed home from Paris…

It says “We hated to leave grand Paris – it was so beautiful. But, on to another city, then another country. So gorgeous here, everywhere we go it is so fascinating in a different way. Truly the vacation of a lifetime.”

And it was.

We took hundreds of photos which are archived both electronically as well as in multiple photo albums that I peruse frequently when the house is quiet and I can allow myself to dream of going back there. I thought of adding some pics here but couldn’t choose just a few favorites. And then I got sidetracked going through them all and I do need to go to bed eventually.

This post was originally for my “life coach”, as I’m semi-jokingly referring to her here. But it turned into a post just for me, taking me back to a couple of weeks in October 2006. Thanks for that.

some of my favorites

19 Sep





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