Kiddo and I have been enjoying the springlike weather today. Playing baseball, hanging with the neighbor kids, and some time at the park. Here she is getting her dizzy on.

mommy get it

Posting has obviously been light here lately. I'll get back to it sooner or later. In the meantime, here's a video of kiddo. Just for fun. Peas 'n Carrots

fiddle dee dee

Random. Someone found this blog by searching for "rockin it out". That made me crack up. Continuing the random. I have a problem. I cannot bring myself to throw away socks. Hole in the heel? Eh, put it back in the drawer, I'll throw it away never later. Trouser socks that are supposed to stay up under... Continue Reading →

quick video

Here's a very blurry dark video of kiddo. I'm in pain tonight so no lengthy post. More on that later. I think I'm pushing the legal limit on ibprofen consumption. 'Night.

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