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30 Jan

What do you do with hundreds of extra race t-shirts? Make tote bags from them of course!

A local non-profit held a 5k that essentially got rained out and lots of racers didn’t show. Result? Gazillions of extra shirts sitting in boxes in a back office. I was looking for a volunteer project for January and viola, say hello to my new gig as a Master T-Shirt Bag Maker. The organization will useTshirt Bags the bags for thank you gifts and goodie bags for sponsors, clients, etc. I think its a really unique idea and cool way to repurpose shirts when original plans for them went awry!

Volunteers are using this tutorial to make the bags and after a couple of practice runs using old shirts of my own, I got the hang of it and whipped out twenty of them. I delivered them today and came home with twenty more shirts to make into more bags. This is a no sew project, or else I wouldn’t be able to help because my crafty skills do NOT extend to needle, thread, or sewing machine.

Mad crafty skills y’all.

Sunday, 11/09/14

9 Nov

The work-week ended on a pretty positive note. The two meetings giving me ants in mah pants both turned out well enough. I went to an information session for Doctors Without Borders on Thursday. That was eye-opening and a great perspective check. They do such amazing work and shared many photos and stories from different missions. I was later irritated when someone told me they think I like the “idea” of doing something like that but not the actual doing of it. I was only taking a step to get more information about something I’m interested in. Whether I ever do anything like that or not, I can still support it and others who do it. Anywho. Love and light, love and light.

Flexibility is AgelessFlexibility when plans go awry has been the theme of this weekend. The original plan was to do the emPower 5K with my sister-in-law, but her grandmother had been ill and passed away. 😦 I know how tough the loss of a grandparent is and my heart goes out to her and her family. I was planning to drive home for the funeral and to see family but then kiddo began a nasty bout with a stomach virus Friday night that has lasted into Sunday. The final result was a restless (and rather gross) night and remaining in pajamas all day. Hopefully we are on the mend now and will be back to normal on Monday.

Today I’m rather meh and I’m positive its because I’ve been in PJs all weekend and haven’t done anything. Lethargy breeds lethargy. Time to move. Or bake. Preferably both.

thinky thoughts about the new job

14 Mar

Things fell into place faster than I imagined and I start a new job on March 24th! It’s with the same organization but in a different location and department. Hooray!

I am excited but also second guessing myself in the back of my mind about whether or not this is the right choice, because that’s just how I roll. I always agonize over whether I’m making the right or wrong decision about most everything in my life. It’s a curse I tell you. The positive thing is that after I’ve made a decision I know pretty quickly whether or not it was the right one or not. Its like some sort of weird delayed confirmation thing. This new position is definitely a “safe” choice and well within my comfort zone. I know I’ll be good at it and my highest hope is that I will love it and thrive in it.

I think my minimal but existent reservations lie in wondering if I should have held out for something…drastically different. I applied for a couple of jobs that I would put into that category and could still get called for interviews for those. But I don’t like committing to something and then backing out so I doubt I will pursue those now should that become an option.

Anyway, I’m very excited and thankful and happy and all of that. I fully realize how fortunate I am with this new development in my life. I am thinking about balance though. I found a local charitable organization that has some overseas travel options for volunteers and I have my sights set on one of those trips for 2015. I think I’ll feel better about this whole “being fulfilled” thing if I can balance my life with work and more volunteering. I just want to feel good about what I do, ya know? The new gig isn’t saving starving orphans from raging hurricanes or anything, but it is directly involved in medical research, which I know is for the greater good in a more indirect way. And I can definitely be proud of that.

Just thinking thinky thoughts. So hooray for new jobs and new chapters! I do love change ya know.

different eyes

27 Aug

I did the coolest thing Sunday afternoon. And by “cool” I don’t mean that I’m cool for doing it, but rather that it was a cool experience and I got to see life from a different point of view and that gave me pause.

I’m still doing the volunteering thing. I’ve delved into the social media of the wildlife rehab/education organization and am learning lots and becoming more involved with that, behind the scenes. I’m also keeping my eyes open for other opportunities that I’m naturally drawn to for whatever reason. Hunger and homelessness are two huge ones that I’m finding I have a passion for.

Sunday I volunteered with a local food project whose aim is to give access to healthy foods to the homeless and those living in poor communities. Along with three other volunteers, we made and bagged sandwiches, then loaded those on a food truck along with other snacks and fruit. We piled in the truck and drove to a run down hotel known to house indigent residents in an area plagued by crime, drugs, and prostitution. The line was long and the people swarmed us. They were each given a bag of food, some of them eating it right in the parking lot. I suspect it was the only meal many of them had eaten that day. I felt worst for the kids, and there were many.

I found myself thinking about them individually after the frenzy had died down and our food was gone. Each of these people living in that hotel have a story. Some reason for being there, some cause for being in that situation. What made them different from me? One man, a double amputee was in his wheelchair by the curb and waved his hands to get our attention. The food was going fast and he seemed anxious to catch our eye before it was all gone. We saw him and filled a bag for him and took it over. What had happened to him? Was he a veteran? Was he in some sort of accident? Did he have a medical condition that caused the loss of his legs?

I won’t venture too much, or at all, into the political-ness of this issue, although there is obviously a huge social component. What I find most interesting are the individual stories that these people hold. The turn of events that put them in this place, in this moment, living in a run down hotel in a crime ridden part of town standing in line to get a meal.

It could be me standing there. It could be any of us.

guilt, uselessness, and two kinds of bikes

31 Jul

“Your guilt-meter is so jacked up”….actually said to me by my shrink today. She pulls no punches and I love that. We talked about guilt, which seems to be a theme in my life. I am full of “shoulds”…I should feel this way, I should act that way, I should believe such and such, I should do this, I shouldn’t do that…and when I don’t feel or act or do what I’ve been conditioned to think that I “should”, I subsequently feel guilty about it. Sheesh. What’s wrong with just being me? Authentic, real, guilt free, ME. Is that so awful? We also discussed freedom and flexibility, relationships, and motorcycles.

I’ve decided that I’m feeling useless lately. I don’t talk about my job here but its in a weird place (figuratively) and is the root of much of this useless feeling. So I’m trying to fulfill that need elsewhere with my volunteering (which also serves as a distraction) and extracurricular activities I suppose. I just want to feel like I’m doing something helpful, fulfilling, and not lame. That’s all I wanna be really…not lame.

This weekend I will be taking a two day long class in order to get my motorcycle license. Yes mom and dad, you read that correctly. I am a nervous wreck (pun intended) and a skeered lil’ girl. But, I am doing this! I have ridden with The Accountant and have walked and coasted a tiny bit by myself on his bike but never actually driven it myself. I can however, ride a bicycle so I have totally got this. Right? Right. Which is a nice segue into my next bit o’ news…

I’m getting a road bike, as in the kind that you pedal. A friend and I are going to the bike shop next week just to look and maybe get me measured, although we could do that part ourselves. But I know nothing about them and my friend knows a lot about them. I have connections folks. I’ve decided that I want to add some variety to my fitness routine and running is hard on the body so this will give my joints a break and some new way to get hurt. Haha. Another friend has mentioned doing a duathlon with her but that is far far far in the future. It is nice to think about though. For now, I’ll get a decent used starter bike and go from there. Total newbie here so advice and input welcome.

Rawk on.



saturday busyness

27 Jul

I’d love a nap but its already 4pm and that would just be bad news bears. Its been an extremely full day already. Kiddo had yet another birthday party to go to, this one all the way across town at one of her friend’s homes. They had water slides and kiddie pools set up and they all had a blast. But I am really hoping this is the last birthday party for a while.

I went on another animal rescue mission, this time it was just too convenient not to. An elderly lady had an injured finch and only lived five minutes from the birthday party. How could I not? Kiddo go to “help” with this one, which she thought was pretty cool. Lil’ birdie had an injured/broken left wing and couldn’t fly but could definitely still hop and flutter. We nearly let him get away trying to get him in the transport box. But so far I’m still 2-0 as far as safe animal deliveries go.

I’m trying to will myself to get my running gear on and go to the greenway. I haven’t worked out in a couple of days and I can tell. Yucky feeling. Must.Go.Now.

why did the chicken cross the road?

26 Jul

Possum CollageSoooooo, today was interesting.

I was already planning to spend a few hours at the wildlife rehab place doing laundry or dishes or whatever they needed. I was getting ready to go and saw an email that someone had four baby opossums that they’d found orphaned alongside the road because guess what, momma opossum had done got herself run over. Imagine that. The lady that had found them couldn’t get to the wildlife place (I need a better name) that day and she was sorta fairly close to me. I called, made arrangements and the next thing you know, I have these possum kids in my car and am driving them to safety and salvation.

Do I sound like a crazy person yet? Don’t answer that.

I hung around for a good part of the rest of the day and had more than one new experience. I was shown how they do their laundry, but didn’t get around to doing any because there was the biggest pile of dirty dishes, animal containers, birdcages, syringes, bowls, etc you have ever seen and I was put on dish duty. There were things in that sink that I didn’t even want to know the origins of. I thought it was one of the grossest thing I’d done in a while (I am a mom, so I’ve done some gross things) until I got to watch a technician pick maggots out of a hawk’s wounds and then swept up piles of raccoon and mouse poop.

I conquered the pile of dishes though, just so you know. But the highlight of my day was having two injured fawns lick my legs. Maybe I’m salty? So stinkin’ adorable! I’ve only seen fawns in the wild and not close up, but there were at least 5 or 6 of them in this little room. One was missing an eye and I’m not sure what was wrong with the other ones. They were beautiful. I was told that they will attach to humans quite easily so the staff tries to have as little interaction with them as possible, outside of caring for them until they can be re-released into the wild.

Oh, but back to the joke…Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the opossum that it could be done. A classic right there. Bah-dah-bing.

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