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summer storms

23 Jul

CaptureKiddo is breathing heavy beside me, borderline snoring through the thunder and lightning. I love storms. At least those of the non-threatening, not gonna blow your house away kind. The snoring blond bundle turns six years old tomorrow. I’m not going to say the usual “I can’t believe how big she’s getting”, or “She’s growing up so fast” because while those things are true, that’s sort of a lame observation isn’t it? She’s getting a pet hamster and having a party at our house with her little munchkin friends. It will be a good birthday.

My trip to PA was awesome and amazing for the most part. Good friends are hard to find. Good friends who are married to each other that you like equally as much, even harder. I think a few days in PA is going to become an annual summer thing for me. No complaints about that. Speaking of trips, Paris is only two weeks away and I feel very unprepared for some reason. We did order euros and I’ll pick those up tomorrow. I need to be rounding up passports, our European plug power adapters, guidebooks, and random stuff like that.

The thunder has subsided and now there’s just a soft murmur of rain that’s making me drowsy. Time to join the kiddo and do that whole snoring thing.

Lodged, by Robert Frost

The rain to the wind said,
‘You push and I’ll pelt.’
They so smote the garden bed
That the flowers actually knelt,
And lay lodged–though not dead.
I know how the flowers felt.

sunburn and a pogo stick

8 Mar

Today was rad.

I took kiddo to the zoo for a date with her bestie and her mom, and then to her friend’s house for lunch and playtime. My friend Phil, grilled for us and then there was tree climbing, hide and go seeking, Disney soundtracking, doughnut eating, rope swinging, bike riding, hula hooping, and pogo stick jumping. I’m not sure what the kids were doing during all of this. Ha ha. I keed I keed. Although I did try the pogo stick. Not as fun as it looks. I was asked a couple of times if I’d like to borrow a helmet.

The only price I paid for this fun day was that I am now the proud and itchy owner of my first sunburn of the year. On my chest. There’s even a nice pale white circle where my medallion necklace was. Super cute I tell ya. But I can’t really complain because the weather was phenomenal. Perfect in every way. I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow! Minus the pogo stick.

school cancelled due to blizzard

12 Feb

This is what it looked like outside all day.










weather is stupid, sickly kid, weekend highlights, drugs are bad

2 Feb

Mother Nature can for real bite me. Kiddo’s school opens two hours late tomorrow but it wouldn’t surprise me if they cancel it altogether before morning. It is raining out there after all. I always roll my eyes at people yakking on and on about the weather but when you were just in short sleeves 24 hours ago and now school is out because of potential icing, well, yak away if you want.

Speaking of the offspring, she’s not feeling so great. It’s not even 11pm yet and she’s already been up three times coughing and shivering and icky. I gave her honey for the cough, a roll of toilet paper for the snots, literally the shirt off my back for comfort, some extra blankets for the shivers, and Tylenol for general purposes. I really hope she’s not getting seriously sick yet again.

Other than her feeling a bit off, our weekend was good. We got to ride bikes together for a bit on Saturday, made Valentines this afternoon, completed homework, and she played video games with The Accountant. All of that and my fabulous veggie soup were the highlights from the weekend. There was the Superbowl thing on TV but I completely ignored that and watched Sam and Cat with you-know-who instead. A good choice I think.

Switching gears here…the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so incredibly sad, as are all deaths in which addiction plays a part (assuming the preliminary theories on cause of death are correct). Drugs are bad news bears folks. Addiction is a scary thing and doesn’t give two shits how much money you have or how talented or famous you are; it can happen to anyone in so many different forms. I honestly believe that we all have demons. Some people just find ways to deal better with theirs than others.

Happiness Inside Job

bribery by clothespin and blogging milestones

22 Jan

morningboardGood Morning board:
I’m trying something new with kiddo in an attempt to make our mornings go more smoothly. Mornings with her are hit or miss. Sometimes she’s raring to go and cooperative without too much nagging. But on other days she’s a royal pain, to be blunt. Oh sure, I can make her get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc and we always make it to school on time but I’d much prefer that this happen without tears or frustration from either of us.

Someone posted a “chore board” from Pinterest on Facebook and it gave me the idea to make a “Good Morning Board”. We made one together last weekend, she decorated it and I wrote morning tasks on clothespins that I need her to do without complaints or tears. We begin the morning with all the pins on the “To Do” side of the board and as she does them, she moves the pin to the “Done” side of the board. When all the clothespins are on the “Done” side, she gets a trinket from our homemade treasure chest that I stock with stickers, cheap-o items from the dollar bin, etc.

We’ve only used the board for two mornings so far but those mornings have been good ones. Although, morning #1 probably doesn’t count because she was super excited for her dentist appointment (because weirdo) so that was a big part of our first day’s success. This morning there was a bit less enthusiasm but she still did great and carried her board around with her as she did each thing and promptly moved the clothespins as appropriate. She will get bored (haha, I’m so punny) with this as she is her momma’s child so I’m going to try to curb that by keeping the items in the treasure chest new so its not the same ol’ things in there every day. Because ho-hum treasure chests are just a bummer in general I say. And, parenting is all about bribery.

Blogging Milestone:
WordPress told me today that Finnspace has been registered here for seven years. Seven yearshat. Ack. I have always thought that I wasn’t one to stick with things but I guess in this case, I’m wrong about that. I actually had this blog on another platform for a few years before that even. I’m not sure blogs are as in vogue with the cool kids as much as they used to be and many of the local oldies that I used to read have shifted to Twitter for quicker brain bursts. But I never claimed to be one of the cool kids anyway. Happy Blogging Anniversary to me!

Cold as $#&@*!:
Thank you TN weather for being quite lovely this weekend and then turning into a hellacious Siberian cold front the next day. Yikes. I did make good use of one of my many super cute hats but balanced that win by forgetting my gloves this morning.



6 Jan

IMG_20140106_220213_937I knew it was going to happen because I felt it in my bones. That today would be a snow day and the never ending Christmas vacation of 2013 would prevail. That’s ok because I love my kid just as much as any parent on the planet. However, I also love not being a stay-at-home parent and I value my alone time (aka, free time, personal time, being my own person, etc). My child is a true momma’s girl and if I’m home with her or out with her or heck, within 100 miles of her, she is attached to me like a second skin. So I’ve been looking forward to getting back into the school/work routine for some breathing room. Alas, that would not be today.

We spent a nice day watching the Disney channel, doing an exercise DVD to burn off some energy, and coloring on her DoodleArt poster. Which, by the way, is the coolest.IMG_20140106_220235_898 Apparently these have been around forever but I’ve been out of the DoodleArt loop it seems. She got the Fairy Tales one for Christmas and I love it, probably more than she does. I want all of them for myself to be quite honest. But wait, I’m getting distracted by doodling. We had a good day with only a couple of melt downs (one each, haha, kidding, not kidding). Then I saw the email about schools being closed again tomorrow and I went into my closet, closed the door and screamed into a pile of sweaters. Ok, not literally buIMG_20140106_220228_151t I SO did that in my mind. I did make the executive decision to go to work tomorrow anyway and let the husband figure it out. Turns out, her after school place is going to be open for a camp day so, solution.

Here’s to finally getting back into a routine of some sort starting tomorrow, and perhaps thinking about moving further south where snow does not make people crazy. I’m thinking Brazil or somewhere in the Caribbean.



Yummy ugly pizzas, blue skies, and flowers

29 Jul

It waWeekendCollage1s a gorgeous weekend to be outside! I put my bad run out of my mind and kept busy with other things.

The Accountant and kiddo went grocery shopping and came back with pizza makings and flowers for me, just because. They then proceeded to make the ugliest pizza I have ever seen. But, it was delicious, after we peeled the “tin foil” off the bottom. Looks don’t matter people.

The dog got a nice walk under spectacular skies and then kiddo and I went to a spray park that I had been wanting to take her to for a while but just had never gotten around to it. It was fun and exhausting for momma. I did get some great shots of the city though. Pics to come in another post.


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