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Sunday, 11/09/14

9 Nov

The work-week ended on a pretty positive note. The two meetings giving me ants in mah pants both turned out well enough. I went to an information session for Doctors Without Borders on Thursday. That was eye-opening and a great perspective check. They do such amazing work and shared many photos and stories from different missions. I was later irritated when someone told me they think I like the “idea” of doing something like that but not the actual doing of it. I was only taking a step to get more information about something I’m interested in. Whether I ever do anything like that or not, I can still support it and others who do it. Anywho. Love and light, love and light.

Flexibility is AgelessFlexibility when plans go awry has been the theme of this weekend. The original plan was to do the emPower 5K with my sister-in-law, but her grandmother had been ill and passed away. 😦 I know how tough the loss of a grandparent is and my heart goes out to her and her family. I was planning to drive home for the funeral and to see family but then kiddo began a nasty bout with a stomach virus Friday night that has lasted into Sunday. The final result was a restless (and rather gross) night and remaining in pajamas all day. Hopefully we are on the mend now and will be back to normal on Monday.

Today I’m rather meh and I’m positive its because I’ve been in PJs all weekend and haven’t done anything. Lethargy breeds lethargy. Time to move. Or bake. Preferably both.

I say “Ninja Turtle” three times in this post

22 Mar

IMG_20140322_172845_270bI got the office cleaned out and goodbyes said on Thursday. I’m more excited than nervous about Monday. I mean, what can I possibly mess up on the first day? The first week even? I’m probably tempting the new gig gods by saying that. I still need to figure out what I’m going to wear…and find my ID badge…and color my hair…and stop thinking…

It’s been a productive weekend otherwise as well and its only Saturday. Only continue reading if you have time on your hands and perhaps no life of your own. Deep breath and here we go….

Got the car through emissions testing, tags renewed, laundry caught up, walked a couple of miles, purchased a water softener, went out to eat, fell asleep with kiddo while watching Dumbo…Today was a trip to Toys “R” Us with the kiddo to wander the aisles of ninjas, superheros, Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles to find the perfect yet inexpensive birthday gift for one of kiddo’s classmates. We ended up with a Ninja Turtle (Raphael, I believe) and a Cars book/cd thing. Kids are so easy to please at this age. We also left the store with a coveted copy of Frozen which kiddo had to watch immediately on the car DVD player and then when we got home. Decorate a birthday card for 6 year old boy, bag the Ninja Turtle and head to the party at local trampoline place. Endure two hours of screaming, bouncing kids on trampolines, swinging from ropes and jumping into foam block pits…then pizza and cake (for kids only apparently…I looked on and quelled tummy growls and salivated), then mass chaos while birthday boy opened presents. Home for momma to eat leftovers while kiddo and The Accountant went on a short motorcycle ride. And now we are on our second home viewing of Frozen.

All of this because while life is sometimes maddeningly ordinary, it is also fabulous and well, some people are worth melting for.


Family Hike Saturday

16 Mar

Maps and SignsI deemed today “family day” and made the proclamation that we were all going for a hike and a picnic. Momma had spoken and there would be no arguing. And so, we took off to a local park that I didn’t even know HAD hiking trails until an acquaintance enlightened me.

As this was a family hike, no trail records were broken and I’m happy to report that neither were any bones, although kiddo fell a couple of times but recovered after only a few tears. I only twisted my ankle three times and stumbled about ten. I am a dorky hiker. Winning. Oh, and in a ridiculous moment of nature euphoria/madness, I think I heard myself agree to a family hiking/camping trip in the near future. All those chirping birds addled my brain or something.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure, as well as some links to people who actually know what they are doing who have also hiked these trails.

All in all, a very fun day and I think we’ll be back here.

The Trail

Beware Kid Hiking

sunburn and a pogo stick

8 Mar

Today was rad.

I took kiddo to the zoo for a date with her bestie and her mom, and then to her friend’s house for lunch and playtime. My friend Phil, grilled for us and then there was tree climbing, hide and go seeking, Disney soundtracking, doughnut eating, rope swinging, bike riding, hula hooping, and pogo stick jumping. I’m not sure what the kids were doing during all of this. Ha ha. I keed I keed. Although I did try the pogo stick. Not as fun as it looks. I was asked a couple of times if I’d like to borrow a helmet.

The only price I paid for this fun day was that I am now the proud and itchy owner of my first sunburn of the year. On my chest. There’s even a nice pale white circle where my medallion necklace was. Super cute I tell ya. But I can’t really complain because the weather was phenomenal. Perfect in every way. I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow! Minus the pogo stick.

weather is stupid, sickly kid, weekend highlights, drugs are bad

2 Feb

Mother Nature can for real bite me. Kiddo’s school opens two hours late tomorrow but it wouldn’t surprise me if they cancel it altogether before morning. It is raining out there after all. I always roll my eyes at people yakking on and on about the weather but when you were just in short sleeves 24 hours ago and now school is out because of potential icing, well, yak away if you want.

Speaking of the offspring, she’s not feeling so great. It’s not even 11pm yet and she’s already been up three times coughing and shivering and icky. I gave her honey for the cough, a roll of toilet paper for the snots, literally the shirt off my back for comfort, some extra blankets for the shivers, and Tylenol for general purposes. I really hope she’s not getting seriously sick yet again.

Other than her feeling a bit off, our weekend was good. We got to ride bikes together for a bit on Saturday, made Valentines this afternoon, completed homework, and she played video games with The Accountant. All of that and my fabulous veggie soup were the highlights from the weekend. There was the Superbowl thing on TV but I completely ignored that and watched Sam and Cat with you-know-who instead. A good choice I think.

Switching gears here…the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so incredibly sad, as are all deaths in which addiction plays a part (assuming the preliminary theories on cause of death are correct). Drugs are bad news bears folks. Addiction is a scary thing and doesn’t give two shits how much money you have or how talented or famous you are; it can happen to anyone in so many different forms. I honestly believe that we all have demons. Some people just find ways to deal better with theirs than others.

Happiness Inside Job

the latest

24 Jan

012114aIt’s been a crazy, but good week for various reasons. I’ve made some headway on my personal to-do list, hung out with friends, made some plans, and did some thangs. Next week’s list includes drastically ramping up the job search and figuring out/solidifying some vacation plans we have brewing.

The weekend is looking promising. Kiddo is so excited that she can hardly stand it. Some family members are taking her to Chuck E. Cheese Hell with some cousins and then they are having a sleepover. Kiddo has stayed the night at her favorite babysitter’s a couple of times so I’m hoping this one goes well and The Accountant and I get to enjoy a nice relaxing time to ourselves. Crossing fingers for no phone calls at midnight telling me to come get my kid.

Tax season is underway and we are adjusting. Kiddo has had some negative behavior issues at school that we are surmising have to do with not seeing daddy very much. I’m hoping this evens out soon because we have a long way to go before Uncle Sam releases us. The Good Morning board has been working out great for making the beginnings of our day less frustrating. So there’s that.

That’s it for now.

weekend report

12 Jan

This weekend has been pretty great. This was the last weekend before hub’s busy time of year officially starts so we spent Friday together being lazy and then making up for said laziness by going to the gym. We’d also lined up a babysitter for Friday night. Kiddo loves this particular sitter but sadly, she will graduate in May and is moving away. Hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to book her a few more tiIMG_20140110_121554mes before she leaves for good. Anyway, hubs and I went to our favorite restaurant and sat there for a very long time talking and laughing. Very nice.

You know, there is a reason I loathe getting blood drawn. If you have bad rolling veins, like I do, and you happen to get an unskilled technician or a phlebotomist having a bad day, you end up being a pincushion and nearly passing out in the lab. Routine blood work on Friday resulted in just that very thing. Fun times. I’m now sporting some killer bruises from my tormentor. Dude had to give up and get someone else to draw it, and she did with just one stick. I almost kissed her right there in the lab, after I punched the other guy. But I couldn’t because I was slugging apple juice and had my feet elevated on a rolling stool. At least my bandages were colorful. I know I’m fortunate that I don’t have an illness or condition that requires being repeatedly poked with needles very often.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with kiddo and getting in a walk/jog, a nice bike ride, and some more gym time. You would think, as active as I am that I’d be skinny but I always seem to counteract my exercise with bad food. Sigh. Today’s bike ride was awesome though. The weatIMG_20140112_130605her was fantastic for January, sunny and in the 50s. I honestly didn’t think I’d get the bike back out again until spring but I couldn’t pass it up today. I could tell I hadn’t been out in a while but I still got in almost 12 miles. Came home and made some vegetarian chili (which IMO would have been 100x better with some beef in it, but marriage is all about compromise I guess) and settled in for the night.

Overall, a stellar weekend. My to-do list is lengthy this week so off to bed I go.

Bonne nuit!

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