Sick. I really wish someone would bring me some warm gooey chocolate chip cookies today. I’m home sick with a fever, cough, etc etc and I say screw the chicken noodle soup, cookies are where its at. Anyway, mutter mutter growl. At least I should be over it in plenty of time to enjoy the holidays. Bright spot. Ugly. The news these days y’all. People … Continue reading miscellany

late to the teeny-bopper vampire party

Ok, this will make some of you cringe, some of you grin and some of you grin and subsequently swoon. I’m just now reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. It seems my friends either love it or hate it. I was a mild hater, I’ll admit. The only thing I knew about the books and movies were that they concerned vampires (not my thing at all) and vampires … Continue reading late to the teeny-bopper vampire party