down time

It's almost midnight on a work night and I know I should be in bed. Tomorrow is well, tomorrow, and I will stumble through it in what has come to be my normal zombie-like state. I'm having trouble getting to bed before this time lately. I just feel like this time of night is the... Continue Reading →

dear diary, you crack me up

Heh. Sometimes I'll go back and read through old entries in my journal. Various reactions follow including mass amounts of cringing, eye rolling, "good grief"s, face reddening, scrunching up of the nose or squinting of the eyes, and sometimes a smile or smirk. Here are some of the more tame, short exerpts from my journal, minus the... Continue Reading →

hey mr. postman

I got the coolest thing in the mail yesterday. My sweet mummy and daddy sent me a set of stationery. Not just any stationery, Parisian stationery. Not from Paris, but with Paris "stuff" on it. Sheesh, why I gotta explain myself so much to you guys? Anywho, it was the coolest. I was also thrilled... Continue Reading →

dear diary

This is my journal. My real journal. The kind with actual paper that you write on with a pen or pencil. The kind you hold in your hands, then slowly crack the binding and smile slightly as you blemish the first page with your favorite ink pen. That kind of journal. The romantic old fashioned REAL kind.... Continue Reading →


Another weekend bites the dust.  Boo.  I am soooooo sick of all the election mumbo-jumbo.  Seriously, can we just get this over with please?  I'm glad I early voted so I don't have to worry about getting to the polls on time or fighting the crowds.  For once I did something ahead of time and... Continue Reading →

shameless plug

If your weekend plans happen to include the Southern Festival of Books be sure to stop by the booth of the Williamson County Council for the Written Word and check out Muscadine Lines.     The anthology contains the writings of contributors to the online magazine, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal.  I have a couple of pieces in it, as... Continue Reading →

Diary For Sale

I was glancing through the headlines earlier and saw where Anna Nicole's diaries were up for auction but so far had failed to sell.  This got me to thinking about privacy and intrusion into a person's private thoughts and personal effects after their death.  Regardless of the life Ms. Smith led I think selling her diaries to the... Continue Reading →

pouring out

Have you ever had one of those fits where you cry so hard your breath comes in heaves and your face gets all red and splotchy and feverish.  Then it escalates into a full blown panic attack where you feel like you are drowning in water but it's not water but you can't breathe anyway... Continue Reading →


Muscadine Lines: A Southern Anthology Booksigning Saturday, Nov. 18 Dresden Library 10:00-12:00 I don't think you will have to fight the crowds of literary fans to make it up to the table so come on down for a chat if you're so inclined. For some more great writing with a southern slant... should... Continue Reading →

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