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2 Aug

Its late. I just woke up feeling a bit panicky. That hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks. Nothing I can’t handle, just, feelings. The phrase “fake it till ya make it” popped into my head. True words.

Watched a few clips from AmelieAmelie because I’m weird like that and there’s something soothing to me about listening to someone speak French regardless of what they’re saying. See? Weirdo.

Tomorrow (er, today) I’ll take kiddo to daycare, then come back and do a quick pick up of the house so the new potential housekeeping people don’t run away screaming, then maybe a work out and or a walk, make sure I have everything I need for my weekend adventure, yada yada yada.

Hope you’re sleeping better than I am. Think I’m going to go walk the dog. Double weirdo.

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