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itinerary for the next week

7 Aug

Its been a long wait to return to La Ville-Lumière but it is finally here and The Accountant and I leave tomorrow evening! This trip is in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary earlier in the summer, and is the perfect excuse to return to Paris (not that you need an excuse). We’ll leave Nashville on Friday (tomorrow) and arrive in Paris on Saturday afternoon, which will be like experiencing a bizarre time-warp. We will have some time to defeat jet lag and get settled in before joining up with a small group of fellow travelers on Sunday.

Our plans are as such…


all the squeeees.

11 Jul

Number of weeks till Paris…4…To celebrate number of years married to the love of my life…15…Number of happys this makes me…Too many to count. ❤ Bring it on. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!

A limerick for my husband on our 13th anniversary!

26 Jun

There once was a boy named Billy
He married a girl who was silly
They had a daughter called Sam
And he stopped eating ham
It’s been thirteen years now, no really!

Like I always say, I love you more than cake!  Happy Anniversary baby!

this is kind of a big deal

27 Jun

Yesterday was The Accountant and my 10 year anniversary. As in we’ve been married for 10 years…hitched…ball and chain…Together with a capital T…till death do we part, etc. Heavy stuff. And just like when I turned 30, I had a slight mental freak out with this anniversary. I mean, TEN YEARS???? What????  Ten year anniversaries are for 40+ year olds right? Not 30-somethings.

Obviously I got married young by some people’s standards. I was 23, he was…um, 27? Wow, I should totally know that I know. We’d been together a bit over 3 years before getting married so when you add that in…ohmagoodness…we’ve been together a LONG time! We met in college. One of his friends was dating my roommate so we started hanging out together, and you know the rest. He was an art major at the time and the art building was across the parking lot from my dorm. Not that I spied on him or anything. Because that would have been creepy.

People are sometimes surprised to hear that we’ve been married this long. I think mostly because we are just now getting a start on the having babies thing. I’m so glad we waited to have Sam though. We were able to do some travelling, get settled in careers and get our feet on the ground financially, and just get used to being married which is harder than some people realize until they jump into it. Marriage is hard. Add kids to the mix (and tax season in our case) and it adds an entirely new dimension of difficulty to being together. 

To celebrate we recruited my mom to come spend the night with Sam while we took off to Nashville and had a lovely stay at The Hermitage Hotel. It was fabulous! I could totally be Eloise. What a lucky girl that kid was huh? We had a bit of a spa day, dinner, date to a comedy show at The Ryman and breakfast at The Pancake Pantry this morning. Lovely lovely lovely.

Anyway I don’t really have any profound advice to impart on being married for this long. I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my sweet hubs!!! You totally deserve a medal for putting up with my craziness for the past 10+ years! Love you!


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