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food and bikes and what now

22 Oct

Sometimes when it’s late and I should be sleeping, I just sit and stare at the screen or the tv or the ceiling and think. I’m a weirdo. Anyway. Haven’t felt much like writing the past few days but here are a couple of pictures.

Went to a cool sushi place with my friend Dani the other day. The sushi goes by on a conveyor and you just grab what you want. Different, and yummy. And yeah I took a photo because I am a complete dork. Counting on lunch at my favorite Indian place with The Accountant this week. No conveyor belts there however. Just yummy naan and all the spicy!

sushi trainBike ride last weekend on the greenway. A crisp, somewhat soggy fall day made for a nice 10 miler. Not sure what I’m going to do when it gets really cold. I can say I’ll still ride but will I really?

1382219345126I think I need something else to look forward to. Something that’s just mine. The 1/2 marathon was sort of that over the past couple of months. I’m not sure what now though. I could register for another race I guess but that doesn’t really feel right somehow.

Nighty night.


6 Aug
  • My workouts haven’t happened in about a week. Remedied that tonight with a 5K run/walk. I didn’t eat well today and kind of lost energy and heart about midway through. Meh. Hot, humid, and slow, but done.
  • I got a direct message from our county library (or at least the social media person) that kind of made my day…”Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy having your feed sandwiched among the politicians and newscasters I follow.
  • We hired a housekeeper. First cleaning happening Thursday. I do not feel guilty for this and you can’t make me.
  • Bike window shopping got postponed until next week because, reasons. Although I might hit up a bike shop over the weekend just for kicks.
  • Met with big boss today. I think I make him nervous. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made a man nervous.
  • I am not perfect. I’m sorry. I flip out sometimes. I can’t just make my feelings disappear like poof. If I could, I would because that would be a super handy skill that I would use frequently.
  • Crossing fingers for a run in the park after work tomorrow. But for now, dreamland. Or at least laying horizontal while staring at the ceiling.

maybe I AM having a midlife crisis thing

3 Aug

helmetheadDay one of two days of Basic Rider course happened today. I didn’t crash. There were no injuries. There was only one teeny tiny issue of the forgotten use of a kickstand causing a subsequent topple to the ground of myself and a bike on top of my “good” foot. But we won’t speak of that. I think I aced the written exam today. What I suck at? Shifting gears. Tomorrow is more riding instruction and the road test. Lucky for the public, the road test doesn’t actually take place on the road so rest easy y’all.

And now I am crashing (as in going to bed, not literally crashing) because I need to be there early tomorrow to practice, you guessed it, using the clutch and the proper use of kickstands. Goodnight.


guilt, uselessness, and two kinds of bikes

31 Jul

“Your guilt-meter is so jacked up”….actually said to me by my shrink today. She pulls no punches and I love that. We talked about guilt, which seems to be a theme in my life. I am full of “shoulds”…I should feel this way, I should act that way, I should believe such and such, I should do this, I shouldn’t do that…and when I don’t feel or act or do what I’ve been conditioned to think that I “should”, I subsequently feel guilty about it. Sheesh. What’s wrong with just being me? Authentic, real, guilt free, ME. Is that so awful? We also discussed freedom and flexibility, relationships, and motorcycles.

I’ve decided that I’m feeling useless lately. I don’t talk about my job here but its in a weird place (figuratively) and is the root of much of this useless feeling. So I’m trying to fulfill that need elsewhere with my volunteering (which also serves as a distraction) and extracurricular activities I suppose. I just want to feel like I’m doing something helpful, fulfilling, and not lame. That’s all I wanna be really…not lame.

This weekend I will be taking a two day long class in order to get my motorcycle license. Yes mom and dad, you read that correctly. I am a nervous wreck (pun intended) and a skeered lil’ girl. But, I am doing this! I have ridden with The Accountant and have walked and coasted a tiny bit by myself on his bike but never actually driven it myself. I can however, ride a bicycle so I have totally got this. Right? Right. Which is a nice segue into my next bit o’ news…

I’m getting a road bike, as in the kind that you pedal. A friend and I are going to the bike shop next week just to look and maybe get me measured, although we could do that part ourselves. But I know nothing about them and my friend knows a lot about them. I have connections folks. I’ve decided that I want to add some variety to my fitness routine and running is hard on the body so this will give my joints a break and some new way to get hurt. Haha. Another friend has mentioned doing a duathlon with her but that is far far far in the future. It is nice to think about though. For now, I’ll get a decent used starter bike and go from there. Total newbie here so advice and input welcome.

Rawk on.



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