Main Street

There's something comforting about knowing that you always have a place to come back to. It's been well over a year, and as is my way, I disappeared. But I always return. I've embraced the notion that I'm always going to be like an ocean waveā€” forever changing, shifting, growing, shrinking, pulling back, coming just... Continue Reading →

Since You’ve Been Gone

I can breathe for the first time...Just kidding. After about a year's absence I kinda just have to start over here. Here are the major highlights: I started a new job! šŸ™‚ Our dog died. šŸ˜¦ I restarted and then quit grad school. Again. šŸ˜¦ I've gained about 20 pounds. šŸ˜¦ One out of four... Continue Reading →


I purchased the finnspaceĀ domain name today. Is that what it's called? I'm just techy enough to be dangerous. HiĀ again internet. Photo byĀ Arnel HasanovicĀ onĀ Unsplash

Template Changes Equal Procrastination

I have an overwhelming list of things to do. So I think I'll do the completely unnecessary tasks of messing with blog templates, editing photos, and creating websites. If I could get paid for this I'd be golden. Happy Weekend! Photo byĀ Chris BarbalisĀ onĀ Unsplash


I decided to update my long neglected blogroll and it ended up being cut by over half. Many of the old faithful have stopped blogging and their spaces are just hanging out in cyberspace. It makes me sad in a way but I know there are tons of writers out there and when I find... Continue Reading →

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