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fatty fatty loco natty

19 Feb

I ran today – yay. I also ate an entire box of Little Debbie honey buns, two hotdogs, and four pieces of Valentine’s chocolates (thanks mom and dad) – boo. Its the week before a certain time of the month (like you want to know that), and I will inhale all things bad for me in scary mass quantities. Its disgusting. Why not make yourself as miserable as possible I say. Whatever.

I know “they” say you shouldn’t wish your life away but dang, I’m so ready for this week to be over. I’m heading to Cincinnati on Friday morning to meet up with a girlfriend for a weekend getaway. There will be food and sleeping in and going out and not answering to anyone and not being needed for anything by man or beast. In other words, heaven.

To bed now. I have the best of intentions of getting up early to get a run in. And not to eat my weight in snack cakes. But you know what “they” also say about good intentions. Pathways to hell and all of that. Sweet dreams.

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