Hello, I’m Awesome

The job search continues. I had a bit of a surprise today. Due to an HR paperwork snafu, my position is not officially eliminated for an additional 5 weeks from the date I was originally told. While this gives me a nice cushion, for various personal reasons, I don't want to have to use it.... Continue Reading →

ants in my pants dance

I'm antsy tonight. And now I'm antsy with that Dora the Explorer song stuck in my head. Fabulous. Its not really a bad kind of antsy though. I'm just sort of in this weird space in my brain with the job thing and wondering where I'm going to end up and how the course of... Continue Reading →

mish mash

Whew, it's only Saturday afternoon and this weekend has exhausted me already. In all good ways though. On the job search front...I applied for what looks like an amazing position and got a very positive response the next afternoon. The HR representative said they were interested in talking to me about it and she sent... Continue Reading →

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