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4 Jan

I haven’t yet made meditation a daily habit, which is my goal, but I have incorporated it into my life on a semi-regular basis and even that is pretty amazing so far. I’ve been doing a ton of reading and listening to talks but there’s no substitute for the actual doing. In a way, I think I’m a bit apprehensive about committing to sitting every day becausMeditationSpacee I know it is going to change me substantially. I love change, but when it’s an internal, personal, spiritual one like this is/will be, that seems scarier to me. Perhaps that makes no sense to anyone but me and my therapist, but I get it.

Its not just the physical act of meditation that I’m finding useful, but the act of mindfulness in general and being aware, accepting things without resistance, and so many other principles of being in mindful presence that I’m finding to be applicable in every aspect of life.

I’m so pleased with the sitting space I’ve created in my closet and it is working really well. I found myself in a bit of a restless, panicky, weird place late last night and I went in and did a guided meditation and came out feeling much better and was able to go to sleep.

So here’s to making it a daily habit and embracing personal growth. And keeping my closet clean and clutter free. That may be my biggest challenge.

The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other side. ~Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

loveliness all around

23 Oct

Street5I’ve started taking new routes to work in the mornings. As I am directionally challenged, I depend on my trusty phone with its magical mapping apps to show me the quickest, if not the shortest course while taking the horrendous rush hour traffic into account. My favorite route is almost double the mileage of the shortest (but most congested) way, but its faster and a million times more beautiful. I actually have to be careful to not get distracted by the scenery and gorgeous homes. There’s this one particular “neighborhood” that I’m going to stop and take a picture of one day, once the fall leaves show up. Some might say it looks very upper class Stepford, but I say its stunning. Beautiful homes nestled in the hills; all very idyllic and picturesque.

I’d have to be blind (and not driving a car in that case), not to notice the fantastic views, but I think I’m more attuned to them after reading an article I ran across in my meditation research (another post perhaps) that suggested some ideas on how to have a more “mindful” commute. Its a quick read that has stuck with me and that I’m finding useful. Being mindful of your surroundings, focusing on breathing etc, really noticing things, and trying not to stress about when you’ll get to your destination since that is mostly out of your control. That’s the gist anyway.

Street2Speaking of beautiful things, I was reminiscing about Paris today. I miss it. I realized that I never shared any photos so I think I’ll start posting a few here and there, just to keep it interesting. I’ve included a couple of street scenes here. I love the architecture, among so many other things about that city.

As the famous person “Author Unknown” said…

Close your eyes and see the beauty.

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