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weird energy

30 Oct

The best intentions…

I meant to walk myself, or at least the dog when I got home from work but one thing led to another (read errands, homework, kid bedtime) and next thing I know I’m waking up next to Kiddo and it’s 3:00am. I can’t get back to sleep so I utilize this bizarre surge of energy and straighten the house a bit, try on my Stitch Fix clothes and send fashion show pics to a friend because that’s what we do when Stitch Fix comes in, try to figure out which adapter I need for the new Mac (yes!), comfort Kiddo who scared the pee outta me when she silently crept into the kitchen and interrupted my conversation with myself to ask if she can watch tv which of course she can NOT because its 3:30am by this time and kid needs to go back to bed so I can do my weird mom can’t sleep thing.

So now it’s 4:42am and I’m just gonna go get that walk in now.

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