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Since You’ve Been Gone

20 Apr


I can breathe for the first time…Just kidding.

After about a year’s absence I kinda just have to start over here. Here are the major highlights:

  • I started a new job! 🙂
  • Our dog died. 😦
  • I restarted and then quit grad school. Again. 😦
  • I’ve gained about 20 pounds. 😦

One out of four is not great, I realize. But the steady stream of good stuff that has continued through 2017 and into this year serves to even it out I think. We’re calling it break even anyway.

First, the job. Y’all know I have complained ad nauseam about Cubicle Nation for-freakin’-ever. I have been at the new gig for over six months now and I’ll be honest, barring being a kept woman or a travel writer, this is about the ideal job for me at this time and place in my life. I’m doing fun social media, communication, writing things at a non-profit. The commute is still outrageous, but I do get to work one day a week from home. The other negative was that I took a god-awful huge pay cut, but the trade-off was worth it to do worthwhile, fulfilling, and creative work. So yay happiness!

Second, the dog. Our chocolate lab, Cooper was ten and a half, and after a couple of weeks of obvious illness, we found out he had cancer throughout his liver. We had to put him peacefully to sleep. I’ve never had to experience that before and it was heartbreaking. But there was no way I was going to see him not be able to get around and in pain. This was the right choice. One day (if I can convince hubs) maybe we’ll get another dog. For now, we’re adjusting to life without our Big Brown.

Third, grad school. I continued work on a graduate degree in Liberal Arts, did a few classes, then a major bout of depression hit me, and I quit. Plain and simple. It sucked, and I kind of hate myself for it. But then the new job came along and it doesn’t have the tuition benefit anyway, so I suppose it was meant to be – if you believe in all that Fate crap. Anyway, maybe anything past a Bachelor’s degree just isn’t for me. Or maybe I’ll go back someday. Time will tell.

Lastly, weight gain. What’s there to really say about that? I still struggle mightily with depression and all the food issues that go along with that. And I like my sweets and junk food, sue me. Living healthier is constantly on my mind; it’s the doing it that hinders me.

So there you have it. A year’s absence caught up in a few paragraphs. Here’s to reviving Finnspace.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

week numero uno

30 Mar

BEK JobSo, I’ve been at the new gig for a week now. I’m gonna be honest and say that the jury is still out as to whether I made the right move or not. But I know I can’t make that call based on one week so we’ll see what time brings. The main issue this week has been severe boredom, to put it bluntly. And I may be jinxing myself by even saying that. Ha.

Its funny when you know that you want to do something creative and/or socially beneficial but aren’t sure how to get there. I did apply for what felt like something that could potentially be my dream job (if I even know what that is, which I don’t) and didn’t get a call. So part of me thinks I settled for lack of knowing what else to do. It was the easy choice, well within the comfort zone and all that. Sigh.

I do know this…if I’m not ok with the current situation in a few months or however long seems reasonable, I will keep searching. I am too old and have too much hindsight to stay in a situation that isn’t right or that I don’t feel good about. So that gives me some peace of mind. Part of me feels like such a spoiled brat even writing this. Whatever.

Anyway, its too early to tell, but stay tuned.


new chapter

19 Mar

I received the official job offer letter today and it’s all ready to sign and send back in the morning. Monday will be my first day and I’m pretty excited. The location is as good as it gets in the heart of a happening area of town, above retail space and right across from my favorite park. Parking is attached so no more long walks from garage to office in bad weather. Of course, these logistical things are secondary to the actual job duties but I have to admit that they are big perks to me.

I need to finish cleaning out my old office tomorrow (er, today) and Thursday. I have moved offices more times than I can count over the last couple of years and I’m ready for some permanence, even if it will be to a cubicle. There will also be some “goodbye” lunches, always the hardest part of this kind of change.

So…new chapter. Bring it on.

thinky thoughts about the new job

14 Mar

Things fell into place faster than I imagined and I start a new job on March 24th! It’s with the same organization but in a different location and department. Hooray!

I am excited but also second guessing myself in the back of my mind about whether or not this is the right choice, because that’s just how I roll. I always agonize over whether I’m making the right or wrong decision about most everything in my life. It’s a curse I tell you. The positive thing is that after I’ve made a decision I know pretty quickly whether or not it was the right one or not. Its like some sort of weird delayed confirmation thing. This new position is definitely a “safe” choice and well within my comfort zone. I know I’ll be good at it and my highest hope is that I will love it and thrive in it.

I think my minimal but existent reservations lie in wondering if I should have held out for something…drastically different. I applied for a couple of jobs that I would put into that category and could still get called for interviews for those. But I don’t like committing to something and then backing out so I doubt I will pursue those now should that become an option.

Anyway, I’m very excited and thankful and happy and all of that. I fully realize how fortunate I am with this new development in my life. I am thinking about balance though. I found a local charitable organization that has some overseas travel options for volunteers and I have my sights set on one of those trips for 2015. I think I’ll feel better about this whole “being fulfilled” thing if I can balance my life with work and more volunteering. I just want to feel good about what I do, ya know? The new gig isn’t saving starving orphans from raging hurricanes or anything, but it is directly involved in medical research, which I know is for the greater good in a more indirect way. And I can definitely be proud of that.

Just thinking thinky thoughts. So hooray for new jobs and new chapters! I do love change ya know.

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