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stress and therapists who text

17 Jul

Today was super stressful. Lots to do and my head just wasn’t in it. My brain was not working at all and I was struggling with concepts that should have been relatively simple. My boss probably thinks I’m a total doofus. Oh well. I powered through anyway and managed to get all the things done that were required. Small victories. Hopefully I didn’t screw anything up.

A therapy appointment that went over didn’t help my stress level either. It was productive as usual however. Its almost like sitting in a class about yourself. You’re the student and the therapist is the teacher…teaching you things about yourself that you may or may not know or realize. Its a bizarre thing at times. I should probably take notes.

And is it weird that my therapist texted me? I didn’t even realize she had my number and I was sitting in the waiting room and get a text from a number I didn’t recognize saying that this person was running late but would be there in five minutes. I didn’t answer and I thought there was a chance it was the doc but dismissed the thought until she comes in and says “hey did you get my text”? It just struck me as weird. Then at the end of the session she said she would text me some information on meditation resources and she did. Its like we’ve reached a whole new level in our relationship or something. Ha.

Ok, some yahoo crazy cuckoo person (me), booked a 5:45AM flight for in the morning. My reasons were noble (to maximize time with my friends) but man, getting up in four hours is gonna hurt tomorrow. I’ll manage on adrenaline alone though. I love traveling solo. Love it love it love it. I’ll be in Pittsburgh by lunchtime and all will be well.


18 Jun

IMG_20130607_223701_754This one time…in Pittsburgh…I went to visit my friend Nora and we took boat tours and ducky tours and ate fondue and went up an incline and ate lots of snacks and went to the drive-in and played with her cool pet birdy and I went mountain climbing running with her tricky husband…

Pittsburgh CollageI lurves her. Next time, Nora does Nashville!

the latest

3 Jun

I’m more like Melancholy Melanie today rather than Crankypants McGhee. Progress people, it’s a slow thing sometimes.

Memorial Day weekend turned out nice. I won’t recap the details but here’s a list of sorts…family walk on greenway, family cookout and subsequent soccer playing, trip to the zoo, puppet making and puppet show, gym, toy mini cooper driving, park, meeting new neighbors who turned out to be old college acquaintance, hubs playing with his “new” car, container garden watering and oohing and ahhhing over plant growth, brunch with family, and movies with kiddo.

Kiddo and I are trying out a new church. So far so good. An old high school friend and his family go there and has helped show us around. Hooray for that because this place is big and I get lost. A bigger place seems to suit me though. Kiddo seems to like it a lot, as do I. So we’ll see.

I continue my quest to try every antidepressant medication known to mankind. I will be switching yet again tomorrow. My current brain fix is not covered by insurance and it would seem that it will cost me $130/mo, which is not happening. I will just be a crazy depressed cat lady rather than pay that every month. So doc is changing it to something else. I don’t even know the name of it, responsible patient that I am. Maybe I’ll read the bottle when I pick it up, maybe I won’t.

I’ve kind of been killing it with the diet and exercise thing the last few weeks. Retraining the brain to use working out as an outlet for whatever rather than sleeping and bad food. Results to be determined in time. It sounds good on paper though doesn’t it?

A few final randoms…I’m off to Pittsburgh for the weekend. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh so that classifies as an adventure on its own. The groomer shaved our lab (only the body, not head or tail) and he looks kind of bizarre. There is a battle in the neighborhood over the status of portable basketball goals. White people in the ‘burbs are ridonkulous. We have privacy slats along one side of our fence now. Again, another saga of burby white people.

The End.

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