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Omelet you know…

21 Mar

Omelet…that I made a very ugly and somewhat overcooked, but very tasty breakfast for myself this morning! And because I’m nice and like to share, omelet you see it.

Somebody stop me.

Recipe from Cooking Light
Omelet with turmeric, tomato, and onions

hearty har har

14 Feb

CaptureI was looking at vintage Valentines this morning because free time, and this one cracked me up. So I’m sharing it with you.

I have chocolates and cards waiting for kiddo and hubs. Plus, the little one is getting a teddy bear and a new battery powered toothbrush and bubblegum toothpaste. Little Mermaid style, thank you very much. Oh, and I’m making cuban black beans and rice for supper. Nom.

Happy Valentine’s Day Internet! May your chocolates be sweet and your kisses full of heat. May your cards be funny and your candy hearts yummy.

Hallmark, call me.

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